Thursday, May 22, 2008

Proposal: What lies in the future?

Passed 7-0—Commander Rodlen

Adminned at 24 May 2008 08:59:25 UTC

Create a new rule, “Technology”:

A DDA Member or Planar Entity may own zero or more pieces of Space Technology (abbr. Tech). Only Tech defined within the Space Tech wiki page is elegible for owning. Each Tech must have its own section within the Space Tech wiki page, where it’s properties are defined. A Tech’s properties include it’s Name, Tech Level, Description, Ability, Energy Cost and Code. No two Tech’s may share their name. Tech Level must be a positive integer equal to or lower than 100. Description is a block of flavor text that gives background information on the Tech. A Code is a three letters acronym for the Tech that may be used as an abbreviation when refering to it, and it appears in parenthesis next to the Tech’s name in the Space Tech wiki page.

As a daily action, a DDA Member who owns Tech may use that Tech’s ability by paying the amount of Energy stated in the Energy Cost of that Tech and following any instructions specified on it. The Energy Cost of a Tech must be an integer greater than or equal to 2 and no larger than 30. If a Tech’s ability targets a DDA Member, a story post must be created anouncing the target within 12 and 24 hours prior to the use of the ability. The User of a Tech is the DDA Member who activated it.

The Space Tech wiki page may not be modified unless by a successful proposal or as described by a rule. Each DDA Member keeps track of what Tech e owns in the GNDT in a column named Tech. The value of the Tech column is a list of Tech Code’s separated by commas, or “-” if the DDA Member owns no Tech. If a Planar Entity that is not a DDA Member owns any Tech, it will be tracked in the Planar Entities wiki page under that Planar’s name.

Set the Space Tech wiki page to a blank page.
Create the following Tech:

Displacer Shield (DPS)
Tech Level: 15

By investing this device with energy, it creates a minor rift in space that can protect the DDA Member from incoming attacks for a short period of time.

Ability: Negate all the effects of the next Tech ability that targets the user.
Cost: 5 Energy.


arthexis: he/him

22-05-2008 15:16:45 UTC

While the whole proposal is a little long, I’ve tried to make it intuitive. I am not sure if the DRC should be retrofitted as space tech?


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