Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Proposal: What wouldst thou deau?

Passes 11-0. Enacted by Elias IX.

Adminned at 14 Dec 2005 12:11:52 UTC

add a rule entitled ‘quests’ in which:

Occasionally, any given protagonist may be assigned a quest by the narrator.  In order to assign quests, the narrator must make a post that somehow incorporates the word ‘quest’ and the names of the protagonists who are assigned this quest in its title.  What follows in the text of the quest may be any number of tasks entirely up to the narrator’s discretion with the following constraints:
1) the tasks that the quest requires of its protagonists can be complished within the legal bounds of the ruleset
2) the quest has a discrete goal
3) the quest can be completed by at least one of the protagonists to which it is assigned
4) the narrator rewards any protagonist who successfully completes a quest to which e is assigned with something nice (which must also, of course, be the sort of reward that is within the legal bounds of the ruleset)
5) the text of a quest may not be amended after it has been assigned

At any time, a protagonist who is assigned a quest may refuse to participate in that quest by responding to the quest with a comment of AGAINST, at which point that protagonist is no longer considered assigned that quest.
At any time, the narrator may cancel a quest e has assigned by responding to the quest with a comment of VETO, at which point that quest is no longer considered to exist.

No protagonist may be assigned to more than one quest.  If such a conflict occurs, then the most recent quest assignment does not apply to that protagonist.

Quests have the following statuses:

Assigned - the quest has been assigned but not completed
Completed - the quest has been completed by at least one protagonist to whom it was assigned

A log of each quest, as it is assigned, will be appended to this rule in the format [title of quest] - [status of quest].

i quite painfully use the passive voice in the very first sentence of this proposed rule because i wanted it to allow the narrator to assign quests as often as e wants, provided that the protagonist to whom any given quest is being assigned was not assigned more than one quest in a given week ... hmm, not sure if that clarifies anything.


Seventy-Fifth Trombone:

12-14-2005 10:21:45 UTC

for because pronouncing “deau” with an oo sound makes me tingly

The Lone Amigo:

12-14-2005 10:29:05 UTC



12-14-2005 12:22:32 UTC


Angry Grasshopper:

12-14-2005 14:59:36 UTC


12-14-2005 15:01:12 UTC



12-14-2005 15:20:27 UTC



12-14-2005 15:21:18 UTC



12-14-2005 16:16:51 UTC



12-14-2005 17:32:52 UTC


Elias IX:

12-14-2005 19:46:40 UTC

for Are we counting “:IMPARTIAL:” as the deference vote?


12-14-2005 19:46:54 UTC

heh.  try ‘imperial’, all ye new people.  Or just click on the imperial icon, for lazy people.



12-14-2005 19:53:01 UTC

I, at least, was being somewhat funny, and was trying my hardest to abstain ;P. But as Quorom is now at 10, and there are already/only 9 real votes cast, I’ll actually say imperial.

Elias IX:

12-14-2005 20:09:50 UTC

I’m looking with slight shock at Excalabur’s deferential vote. I’m not used to seeing it, my apologies.