Saturday, March 11, 2006

Proposal: What’s my name?

Yes, thank you, Bucky.  Failed 3-5, timed out.  - Shadowclaw

Adminned at 13 Mar 2006 10:55:38 UTC

Add the following to Law 1.1

References to a specific Gostak (or Che-Hamé-Hamé) in the ruleset shall be in the form of the Gostak’s (or Che-Hamé-Hamé‘s) name surrounded by square brackets (e.g. [Myke]) or in the form of a pronoun whose antecedent is such a bracketed name. Square brackets distinguish between game keywords and Gostak (and Che-Hamé-Hamé) names that happen to also be game keywords, with names bearing the square bracketing. The Che-Hamé-Hamé, and only the Che-Hamé-Hamé, may also be referred to in the ruleset by his title of “the Che-Hamé-Hamé.”

Thought I’d take a shot at solving the name issue that brought down Elias IX’s dynasty. Perhaps it’s not the best typographic convention, but I think I’ve worded it thoroughly enough to close any loopholes.



03-11-2006 11:24:40 UTC

for Although I think that Che-Hamé-Hamé does actually count as a Gostak, so I don’t think that the business in the brackets is necessary…

The Lone Amigo:

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03-11-2006 13:15:17 UTC

against Name issue has already been resolved by requiring players to change their names by proposal, rather than whim.

This would make for some ugly rules if we ever did want to refer to players, anyway. And I’m instinctively against adding bumph to the core ruleset, given that this is the area in which new players either decide to join us or stop reading.


03-11-2006 14:07:31 UTC

Point taken, but I still feel we need to allow for someone accidentally ending up with a name that is also a keyword. I don’t think apoproval is needed to join either—a new Gostak could choose a name of the sort we are trying to avoid. There’s a balance to be struck, but I thought I’d throw this out here.


03-11-2006 17:15:30 UTC

Square brackets are reserved by the Wiki’s syntax. They’ll render the name surrounded by then as an external link in the wiki (something like http://kevan).


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