Sunday, August 05, 2007

What’s the name of that?

Append this line to the beginning to rule 2.2 Doing the Dance.

The Dance consists of a set of moves, contributed by the monkeys. To propose a new dance, a monkey has to make a proposal on the blog with [ {insert dance name} (new dance) ] as the title and specify the effects and/or requirements of the dance in the body. If the proposal passes, append the dance to the list of existing dances.

In addition:

Prefix the existing Dance moves with the boldface of names “Swing” (for swapping), “Leap” (for moving the monkey in the last position) and “Bow” (for increasing the leader’s dance moves), in both the ruleset and the gamestate.



Clucky: HE/HIM

08-05-2007 12:42:40 UTC

against There is no need to require a certain type of proposal to add dance moves. Also this isn’t a proposal, so it doesn’t matter.


08-05-2007 14:32:41 UTC

The point of this is for the names of dance moves so that the gamestate document wont be flooded with # Move the monkey in last position to the top of the list, pushing every other monkey down one.
# Swap the monkey in position 3 with the monkey in position 7 etc.

Clucky: HE/HIM

08-05-2007 15:59:30 UTC

But there are already other proposals doing that. All this would change is requiring a certain kind of proposal to add dance moves, which is silly and will often result in requring two proposals when only one is needed.


08-07-2007 14:14:38 UTC

against  against