Thursday, January 26, 2012

Call for Judgment: Where are the Story Posts?

Timed out 5 votes to 3. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 01 Feb 2012 02:46:52 UTC

The definition of Official Post:

Posts following the format specified by a rule are considered official posts.

and of Story Post:

A Story Post is an Official Post that is not a member of any specific category of Official Posts mentioned or defined in a Core Rule (excluding Official Post).

Thus a Story Post is a post in a category of Official Post defined by a dynastic rule.  I don’t know why it’s defined as it is, but I don’t think the definition makes any sense - at least, it doesn’t correspond to the “Story Post” category at all.  Also, since there aren’t currently any such categories, it’s impossible to create a Story Post as required by Unamed Rule (which is typoed, btw), which requires urgent attention ‘nd all that.

Therefore, update the Ruleset by replacing the definition of Story Post with:

A Story Post is an entry in the “Story Post” category.


Josh: HE/HIM

01-26-2012 08:10:52 UTC



01-26-2012 13:26:08 UTC



01-26-2012 22:28:44 UTC

The reasoning in this CFJ’s incorrect, but I’m not sure I dislike the change anyway. (Posts don’t need to be in a specific category to follow a specific format.)


01-27-2012 02:56:39 UTC



01-27-2012 04:27:08 UTC

ais523, I would argue that a format defined by a rule is necessarily a category in the ordinary language sense, as “which rule defines this as an Official Post” is the most obvious way to categorize Official Posts, but as you say it doesn’t matter.  (Not to be confused with blog categories.)


01-27-2012 04:29:19 UTC

I don’t see the problem with the current wording. Is it so important that a story post be in the category “Story Post”?
The way I see it Story Posts are all posts that have an effect on play without being proposals/cfj/dov/whatever.
For instance, last dynasty’s Blockades were Story Posts.


01-27-2012 04:45:07 UTC

I don’t see the point of the current definition, though - it’s not used by anything, and I can’t think of a reason it ever would be, since it’s not a useful criterion of posts to address as a group.  (Feel free to prove me wrong.)  If I remember correctly, Story Posts used to be posts recommended by the rules to include flavor, which makes more sense, considering the name; this CfJ doesn’t do that (and the time bomb is not recommended to include flavor - the only reason I mentioned “Story Post” in that rule is that the wording is based on the last time bomb), but it’s more in line with such a requirement if it’s added in the future.

I would also vote for removing the definition entirely, though.


01-27-2012 19:23:39 UTC



01-28-2012 05:17:05 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

01-31-2012 18:45:21 UTC