Monday, July 23, 2012

Where have all the merrymakers gone?

Kops chooses to idle, Yngvi-Freyr idles out. So quorum is now 3.

Reminder that my proposal letting quirck win can’t be passed until its 12 hours old. But hopefully it’ll pass tonight and then his DoV can pass somepoint tomorrow and more people will come back for the new dynasty.


quirck: he/him

23-07-2012 21:50:51 UTC

So GNDT comments are not counted for the purpose of idling…

Clucky: he/him

23-07-2012 22:42:59 UTC

nope. (This actually was an important factor in a dynasty a few months back. Everyone was active and having fun doing stuff with the GNDT, but there wasn’t a lot of posting going on. Bucky accidentally went idle due to not actually posting and then couldn’t unidle due to sloppy wording regarding the idling rule.)

Vovix: he/him

23-07-2012 23:17:13 UTC

I’m going to join the next dynasty.


24-07-2012 02:39:30 UTC

FYI, I don’t have Internet right now and haven’t for a few months.  That’s why I haven’t been proposing or GNDTing.


24-07-2012 23:14:47 UTC

I didn’t realize abstaining would idle me out, would it be possible to just request an unidle from here?  Or should I write another post?