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Proposal: Where liberty is, there is my county!

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

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In Rule 2.8 titled “Royal Armies”, replace “As a weekly action, a Commoner can attempt to Liberate the County in which he is located” with

A Commoner can attempt to Liberate the County in which he is located

In this Rule replace “it is illegal to attempt to liberate a County if there has already been an attempt to liberate that County.” with

it is illegal to attempt to liberate a County if there has already been an attempt to liberate that County or if a County has been liberated by another Commoner in the last 60 minutes.


Since Liberation will not be a VC any more, Liberating is not that efficient. A “Royalty Proximity Sweeper” costs 5 Iron, 5 Wood, and 2 Gem, increases the Power Requirement of an Invention and Detecting costs 5 Coal, 1 Gem, and 3 Quicksilver. I think you should be allowed to liberate each county at the time you noticed it’s safe. Of course you will not be able to liberate all counties in one week, because there are restrictions of traveling.

Additionally, there is a loophole. Consider following situation. Next week, I “detect Royalty (Sommerset)”. If the result is “1”, i know Devon, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire are safe. So i travel to one of them and attempt to liberate this county, eg. Gloucestershire. All other Commoners might assume exactly this situation and know that Devon and Wiltshire are safe, too. So they travel there and liberate these counties. They have not payed anything (except the travel costs) for this, but their Income is increased by 10.

If I know three Counties are safe, I should be able and allowed to liberate them, shouldn’t I?



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Kevan: HE/HIM

03-17-2010 17:11:10 UTC

imperial I’m not really following this subgame.

Kevan: HE/HIM

03-17-2010 17:25:39 UTC

Okay, so this seems to be arguing that if a player with a Sweeper gets a (privately emailed) result of “zero” for a well-surrounded county, they should be allowed to mop up as many adjacent counties as they can afford the Flanged Wheel transport for - that’s potentially +90 Income in one swoop, if you can get 270 Coal to spend (which might not be too hard, when you can stop to Scavenge halfway through).

If you’re concerned about your confidence giving other players the same confidence, you just have to make one extra sweep to increase the uncertainty. Or just bluff.



03-17-2010 19:04:34 UTC

Well, I even think this would be fair. If you travel a lot to a County which many neighbours, you will need to spend some Resources to do so. Also, the possibility that none of the 9 neighbours has an Army, is really small. (about 9,7 * 10 ^ -8, if I calculated right)

And if you could manage this and are lucky, you gain 90 Coal more each week, but you need three weeks of scavenging until you have the 270 Coal (you need a Coal Hopper for this btw.), you payed just before, you start profiting 4 weeks later! This might become bad, if this Dynasty would run 6 months, but I do not expect so.

You have payed the Sweeper Invention before and 5 Coal, 1 Gem, and 3 Quicksilver for the Sweeping action. With the risk that this information is nearly useless. (I do not think sweeping in Counties which lot of unclear Neighbours is really clever)

Additionally, “sweeping” in a not safe County is expensive and dangerous. It’s dangerous, because other Commoner know whether the “sweeping” succeeds (the Sweeper Invention has not been destroyed) and could abuse the time gap. So you should only sweep in safe Counties. That means you will not reach a “safe” County which 9 unclear neighboured Counties around.

Also, if more than one Commoner plays this subgame, this might become more interesting. It would be like a race.

If we do not change this, noone will use this subgame really. Of course we could change this differently. There could be a better bonus than +10 Income, then I could risk to sweep some unclear Counties or to bluff.

Finally, simply compare the risk and the Resources payed with the potential +10 Income per County. I do not think this is overpowerd.

Darknight: HE/HIM

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It‘s better to propose a new improvement of Liberation, this will not be enacted.


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forgot the against