Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Who broke it?

When I got in this morning, enacted proposals didn’t have the tick icon next to them any more.  I think this is because somebody changed the list of valid statuses to include Enacted instead of Passed but failed to update the stylesheet.

I’ve fixed this by modifying the stylesheet as follows.

.Passed {
background: url(/images/vote/for.gif) left no-repeat;


.Passed, .Enacted {
background: url(/images/vote/for.gif) left no-repeat;

...which should catch both newly “enacted” proposals and old “passed” proposals (if such things still exist).

If I’ve done the wrong thing, at least you know what I’ve done.


Seventy-Fifth Trombone:

09-05-2006 17:06:59 UTC

I broke it. I changed the name of the Passed status to bring it into line with the ruleset, but forgot that the names weren’t abstracted out in the code.

I’m 100% sure the .Passed selector can be thrown out.


09-06-2006 07:52:00 UTC



09-06-2006 07:52:20 UTC

...and thanks for tidying it up.