Monday, November 03, 2008

Proposal: Who needs Prometheus?

Passes 6-0 with 1 uncounted Imperial .  -Bucky, 18:42:57 Wed 05/11/08

Adminned at 05 Nov 2008 10:49:13 UTC

Add each of the following to the List of Valid Items:

Bone Spear (BS): Weapon. Bone Spear beats Punch and Grab. Kick and Counter crush Bone Spear.
Stone Hammer (SH): Weapon. Stone Hammer Crushes Kick. Grab disarms those armed with Stone Hammer.
Wooden Bow (WB): Weapon. Wooden Bow beats Dodge. Wooden Bow Crushes counter. Kick and Punch beat Wooden Bow.
Leather Gauntlets (LG): Weapon. Leather Gauntlets beats Combo. Non-Combo Counter Crushes Leather Gauntlets.

Add sub-rule “Heavenly Forge” to rule “Rituals”:

The Clansmen creates a bonfire and joins the clan in the ritual forging of a tool of war. The Clansmen chooses a type of Weapon from the List of Valid Items for which e meets all the requirements (weapons with no requirements may always be chosen). Then, rolls DICEX where X is their Skill + Strength. If the result is equal to or greater than Quorum, the ritual succeeds and may not be attempted again this week, otherwise it fails. Upon success the Clansmen may add that Item to their inventory, or to the inventory of another Clansmen. An item may not be added if that Clansmen already has 2 items in their inventory. If the Clansmen fails, that Clansmen takes Damage from the intense flame of the forge, but obtains no weapon.

This can be used not only to arm yourself or those of your clan: I decided not to limit who you can give the item to so that we may be able to use this as rewards for harder fights, like that twelve round one stuck on limbo. Since I feel this is a powerful ritual, I am limiting it to once per week on success, no matter how much honor you have. I am not including creation of Armor, since I feel the current only armor is a bit overpowered for a basic equipment.



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