Monday, November 24, 2008

Proposal: Whoah!  I wasn’t expecting that!


Adminned at 25 Nov 2008 20:52:30 UTC

Add a new dynastic rule titled “Plot Twist” with the following text:

There exists a Dynastic Rule called the “Secret Rule” whose contents are known only to the Narrator.

Create the Secret Rule with text known only to the Narrator.

I’m not exactly sure how to word this, so please let me know if this needs work.  Also, do I need to reveal anything about the Secret Rule (such as word count)?



24-11-2008 10:11:25 UTC

Section 1.1 states that Section 2 contains the rules of the current dynasty.

Only the rule “plot twist” will be in Section 2, the “secret rule” will not be a part of section 2, and so can’t be a rule of the current dynasty by 1.1

how about:

Add a new dynastic rule “Secret Rule” with the following text:

“The effects of this rule on the gamestate/ruleset are known only to the narrator.”


24-11-2008 10:17:01 UTC

You’ve also got in 1.1

“The Ruleset and Gamestate can only be altered in manners specified by the Ruleset”

You’re secret rule doesn’t specify how it alters the ruleset or gamestate.

I think this rule would be illegal.


24-11-2008 10:18:01 UTC




24-11-2008 10:27:03 UTC

You’ve also got this in the glossary:

“If a new rule is created by a proposal and its location is not noted in that proposal, that new rule is to be placed in the Dynastic Rules”

The rule “secret rule” is created by this proposal and so must be put into the dynastic rules, as you have not yet specified a location for it. You can’t “put a rule” into the dynastic rules just by putting its title and saying the rest of it is somewhere else.


24-11-2008 16:00:59 UTC

against .  After the Monastic dynasty, I no longer trust secret rules.


24-11-2008 16:03:07 UTC



24-11-2008 16:28:36 UTC

Bucky: I need some way to make a secret rule because I have a mechanic that no one else can know about.

Darknight: he/him

25-11-2008 00:19:21 UTC

against i think ovangle has the right idea yoda.


25-11-2008 01:24:21 UTC

against This proposal kinda sucks.

arthexis: he/him

25-11-2008 04:03:34 UTC



25-11-2008 06:50:58 UTC

Yoda: Do you have some way of resolving a CfJ concerning the contents of the secret rule?


25-11-2008 07:34:19 UTC

Ok, how about the secret rule has certain parts that are set to be revealed at a certain time, but until then the unrevealed parts have no effect.

Kevan: he/him

25-11-2008 11:12:40 UTC

That might be simpler as just a rule of “The Narrator may edit this rule at any time.”


25-11-2008 16:19:51 UTC

Or even “The Narrator may edit this rule at time X” where time X is the time of the first edit.


25-11-2008 20:31:44 UTC

Or how about encrypting the rule in some cypher, and only releasing the key at the end of the Dynasty or when a CfJ comes?


25-11-2008 22:08:56 UTC



26-11-2008 04:17:27 UTC

Because a cypher can be decoded if you figure out the combination.


26-11-2008 04:52:15 UTC

against s/k

Will work on suggestions.