Thursday, February 22, 2007

Proposal: Who’d bring rotten vegetables to a Theater?

7-0. Timed Out.—Chronos

Adminned at 25 Feb 2007 08:13:43 UTC

Remove the phrase “and any role that is not an Acclaimed Role is an Unacclaimed Role” from Critic Acclaim

Add to the end of the main text of Critics:

For any purposes any role in an Actor’s Filmography that is neither an Acclaimed Role nor a Tomatoed Role is an Unacclaimed Role.

Add a sub-rule Rotten Tomatoes to Critics

An Actor is “Tomatoed” if both of the following conditions are true:
- e is not, at that time, disqualified from earning a Tomato, and
- e makes a Proposal that passes, but both Critics vote “AGAINST” the Proposal (or cast votes that have the effect of votes AGAINST the Proposal).
Upon an Actor earning a “Tomato”, e must select a role in eir Filmography and add the text “Tomatoed” to eir Filmography in reference to that role. This action is defined as earning a Tomato with respect to that role. A role that has earned Tomato is defined as a Tomatoed Role. An Actor may not earn a Tomato more than once with respect to a particular role. An Actor may not earn a Tomato for a film in which e was an Extra.
An Actor is disqualified from earning a Tomato for so long as any of the following are true:
- there are fewer than two Critics, or
- e has no Unacclaimed Roles in eir Filmography.



02-22-2007 17:22:36 UTC

for , good idea.


02-22-2007 17:43:25 UTC

for Interesting, I like it.


02-22-2007 17:49:32 UTC

for Yeah, sounds nifty! :)


02-22-2007 20:34:41 UTC

As written, a particular role can become both an Acclaimed Role and a Tomatoed Role.


02-23-2007 00:02:06 UTC

untrue actually.  Only an “unclaimed role” can become tomatoed.  the last line of the rule.


02-23-2007 02:43:35 UTC

Not so, Amnistar.  “e has no Unacclaimed Roles in eir Filmography” doesn’t mean that only an unclaimed role can become tomatoed—Assume that I’ve got two non-extra roles in my filmography.  One is acclaimed, and the other is unacclaimed.  If I become eligible to become tomatoed, nothing in this rule prevents me from choosing to apply the tomatoing to the acclaimed role rather than to the unacclaimed role.


02-23-2007 03:43:57 UTC

Oh…that’s true.  YOu’re right Spike :p.  Well, it happens…different critics with different opinions…


02-23-2007 14:24:17 UTC



02-23-2007 16:07:55 UTC

Alright, I’ll go for it.


02-23-2007 17:42:08 UTC

for I was going to vote against this, but reading spike’s comment about the strangeness intrigued me… I want to see someone try to break the game with this rule. (Muhahahaha….)