Tuesday, May 20, 2008

‘Whoops’ - Activated the Doomsday Device

Had my first go at tinkering with the device today, and I think I shouldn’t have…

(Tinker with Doomsday Device: DICE97:25)

There are 26 existing entries describing the device, therefore under Rule 2.10.1 the Device has been activated. ‘Whoops’ indeed, eh?

I’m not sure whether I should have posted this as a blog post - I guess I just want everyone to be aware. The rules were ambiguous on what a Henchman should do if they make a roll that takes the action out of their own hands.



20-05-2008 14:55:26 UTC

You did the right thing.

Now we wait for the Overlord:

The Overlord may activate it once as an Evil action by making a story post with a poll. On the poll, each Henchman will vote for one Continent.

Hang onto your plane tickets!


21-05-2008 18:02:26 UTC

Awww, not enough time to destroy anything.

Darknight: he/him

25-05-2008 06:57:23 UTC

lol you destoryed the dynasty Devenger.