Monday, June 22, 2009

Proposal: Why bother?

Veto of a Self-Kill. - Qwazukee

Adminned at 24 Jun 2009 23:39:13 UTC

Yuri_dragon_17 has achieved victory.

Qwaz has already expressed support of Yuri. The nature of this challenge is potentially highly confrontational, and we’ve already seen people stoop to new lows in it. Better to avoid any further confrontation and just get the likely end over with.



06-22-2009 04:08:33 UTC

for I thought about proposing this earlier, but thought you would disagree.

Darknight: HE/HIM

06-22-2009 04:10:44 UTC

against as yuri is now out.

Clucky: HE/HIM

06-22-2009 04:12:54 UTC

so Darknight? Yuri is only out because Qwaz decided to be a wanker about the rules. Its not really fair to punish him.

Darknight: HE/HIM

06-22-2009 04:13:36 UTC

for fair enough


06-22-2009 04:14:57 UTC

The fact that we’re playing a rules-based nomic is no reason that yuri shouldn’t win.

Darknight: HE/HIM

06-22-2009 04:18:30 UTC

lets just end this cause this dynasty, no offence to ais, went down hill fast

Clucky: HE/HIM

06-22-2009 04:27:54 UTC

in 20 hours, everyone but DK, Wakukee and Rodlen will be out. (everyone but Smith will burn out, Smith goes idle in 10 hours).

If none of them change their support, this will result in Wak winning as DK will default to supporting him and game will be over. If DK switched to Rodlen, Wak will support Rodlen as well and the came will be over. Only way it lasts more than 20 hours is for Rodlen or Wak to support DK or Smith to post.


06-22-2009 04:30:54 UTC

Nah, every Outsider (except DC) will be able to buy themselves back in before a winner is decided.


06-22-2009 04:31:59 UTC

Actually, we’d better fix the GNDT to make this clear.

Clucky: HE/HIM

06-22-2009 04:32:59 UTC

*points to what he said about buying oneself back in* it doesn’t work, you are still an evacuee.

*works to kill the hat proposal incase this fails*


06-22-2009 04:35:45 UTC

*Points to what he pointed out before, that when you become an Insider, you cease to be an Evacuee.

“If an Evacuee ever becomes an Insider (for any reason), he ceases to be an Evacuee.”

Clucky: HE/HIM

06-22-2009 04:45:11 UTC

Ah, fair point, I guess that works. Good thing it says ‘becomes’ or else it would be broken =P


06-22-2009 04:52:13 UTC

If there weren’t enough broken already. : p For what was supposed to be a pretty straightforward Challenge, it’s been mucked up rather decently.

Well, if smith gets more active, he may be in the best position of anyone left. Wouldn’t that make things interesting?


06-22-2009 07:14:03 UTC

CoV imperial , as this issue seems to have blown over just as such things have in the past.

Ienpw III:

06-22-2009 15:32:19 UTC



06-22-2009 15:44:46 UTC

for  although Yuri does not want to lead a dynasty. Hopefully he’ll pass the mantle to me :-)


06-22-2009 15:47:13 UTC

*Nominates self for mantle-passing.


06-22-2009 15:49:22 UTC



06-22-2009 16:52:02 UTC

CoV for , as ais is abstaining. Looks like yuri may take his own Dynasty after all.


06-22-2009 18:39:33 UTC



06-22-2009 18:58:14 UTC

against  Umm? Frankly, I have nothing against Yuri, but I do not see how this should work… The entire point of the challenge was to be confrontational, and allow everyine to have a chance to win. Fame is good, but everyone has a chance. Just a bit of bad luck, and boom! Yuri is out. I see no reason to believe that Yuri is sure to be the winner, and plenty of reason to believe that others could be. I feel that the proposal is unfair to everyone, Yuri included (well… unfair in his favor at least ; ). )


06-22-2009 19:33:08 UTC

I won’t vote on this one; it would be awfully unfair for me to mess with a proposal of this sort.

Ienpw III:

06-22-2009 19:37:49 UTC

2 more :D


06-23-2009 03:24:05 UTC

CoV against

I have an idea.

Ienpw III:

06-23-2009 03:34:24 UTC

What is this idea?


06-23-2009 03:57:28 UTC

A DoV idea.


06-23-2009 07:22:55 UTC


Ienpw III:

06-23-2009 07:54:39 UTC

Illegal vote, as we are in Hiatus


06-23-2009 22:44:48 UTC

CoV for

While this doesn’t count as a Vote now, it might when Hiatus ends via the rule that says “If a Contestant uses more than one Voting Icon in comments on a Pending Proposal, his Vote is the last voting icon he uses.”

That Rule will apply again once hiatus ends. Just a precaution, because I actually do think yuri deserves a victory here.

Clucky: HE/HIM

06-24-2009 03:04:07 UTC

If you can keep Wak down, I don’t think any of the other admins will fail this. Darth is in favor, and that is Rodlen’s style. I’d be shocked if DK or Arth pulled a stunt like that


06-24-2009 04:37:26 UTC

Reminder to the admin who enacts this: proposals are not ‘open for voting’ during Hiatus and thus time during hiatus doesn’t count for the purposes of passing/failing it after 48 hours.

Ienpw III:

06-24-2009 04:48:37 UTC

so we wait 1 more day, correct?


06-24-2009 08:02:30 UTC

It’s Wak I’m worried about, he told me he was gonna try and fail it. I didn’t know that Hiatus didn’t count for the 48 hours, that should help.


06-24-2009 08:20:29 UTC

CoV for

Needs to wait an extra 28 hours, 22 minutes, and 42 seconds past the normal 48 hours. Then we can pass it and yuri wins.

Clucky: HE/HIM

06-24-2009 16:43:07 UTC

against Until Yuri confirms that he isn’t going to give the next dynasty to Qwaz or Wak or it comes close to the actual deadline.


06-24-2009 18:22:44 UTC

How nice of you, Clucky. However, it doesn’t matter.


06-24-2009 18:56:07 UTC

Clucky: that’s a self-kill…

Clucky: HE/HIM

06-24-2009 19:06:08 UTC

Oops… good thing it didn’t matter. =P

Ienpw III:

06-24-2009 19:45:40 UTC


Ienpw III:

06-25-2009 06:08:13 UTC