Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why bother with Available Space?

Part of the beauty of blognomic, what with the 48 hours for a proposal and the 7 days until you idle rules, is that you don’t have to be on all day long to be an active part of a dynasty. In the past, people have discouraged using the daily action for that very reason.

In this dynasty, we have Yoda’s missions. While they have been working OK so far, a big problem I’ve been seeing with them is the Available Space issue. Some one might not be on for 24 hours, and all the missions get filled, even with some players doing more than one mission. Because missions often offer a large advantage upon completion.

I don’t want to propose that we remove the Available Space option, because there are cases where having limited space makes sense. But I simply suggest that Yoda often make this number high enough that it doesn’t just become a race to say “count me in”.



07-29-2008 13:56:58 UTC

Ok, point taken.


07-31-2008 12:12:20 UTC

I agree.