Friday, April 14, 2017

Why We Really Play This Game

Add a new Rule, named “Revenue”:

When a blogsball match is played, each manager with players in the match receives Cash.
* a base of 100,000 for playing a match.
* an additional 100,000 * ( X-10), where X is the level of the highest level player in the game, to a minimum of 0.

A match earns money according to the biggest star on the field! Who knows what you paid for that star in the first place!

I suggest adding more to this list in future proposals, but I think its a decent start.



04-14-2017 16:08:45 UTC

Crap. Not a proposal. Oh well.


04-14-2017 17:23:24 UTC

Just copy the content into a new one. Also if you make a mistake, you can fix it in the first 15 minutes, too bad it was too late now.


04-14-2017 17:27:59 UTC

Yeah, I know. I just caught the error 23 minutes after It went live. stupid timing. Perhaps I’ll propose to extend the time to 30 minutes or an hour, as this happens to me a couple times each dynasty, and its always in the 30 minute range.