Saturday, January 02, 2010

Wishes granted

Happy New Yr all. New Years wishes that I’ve granted.

Aleth did the *make my power 18 twice* wish, putting him where he is now.

DC tried to pull a paradox on me by wishing for London to be put in a bag behind a dumpster in London. However, as DC should have learned after his first wish got delayed, ya need to specify. Therefor, this London ( is now in a bag behind a dumpster located in the London found in the UK.

EDIT: After pondering on this one, I have granted quite a dinger against you prime meridian riders. Orni wished that Earths axis run east to west instead of north and south. The new east and west poles are located in Padang, Indonesia (the East Pole) and Esmeraldas, Ecuador (the West Pole). The prime meridian does not exist in this universe anymore. shows that they do indeed line up like the north and south poles, witch still exist mind ya, as all planets in essense have four poles.


Darknight: he/him

02-01-2010 03:46:30 UTC

Two quick notes btw. The universe page is updated and can someone link it onto here?


02-01-2010 04:51:23 UTC

If you hate my wish then just reject it. I’ve already been forced to waste two wishes. Asshole.


02-01-2010 04:53:30 UTC

Whoa… I must be tired. Sorry about that.

Darknight: he/him

02-01-2010 05:18:07 UTC

Lol *shrugs* no harm done and I didn’t hate it. I just worked around any paradox it might have caused. Just call me a cure for DDAtis lol.


02-01-2010 07:18:59 UTC

What do you mean by planets having four poles? Are you saying we’re at the south magnetic pole? I was under the impression that we were at the geographic south pole (no longer extant, since it is defined by a planet’s rotation), because that’s where the Wikipedia page for “South Pole” redirects.

Darknight: he/him

02-01-2010 07:29:58 UTC

My thinking is at the east and west poles exist for real by the same manner as written, just using the equator instead of the prime meridian.


02-01-2010 15:58:01 UTC

Logically, the prime meridian should still exist - it’s just the planet’s new equator. Meanwhile, the old equator is the new prime meridian.


02-01-2010 17:53:53 UTC

I edited the post to have the correct link. Technically this is illegal, so if anyone feels particularly strongly about this, feel free to remove “pedia” from the link.

Darknight: If you go far enough north (in the real world), you hit the north pole, and can’t go north any further. If you go far enough east, you go around the entire world in an infinite loop without ever getting to a place where you can’t get any further east. Under a radically different coordinate system, planets could have six poles. I’m not sure how a four pole system would work.

Darth: Actually, the new equator is roughly what was once 10°E and 170°W. I say “roughly” not only because I rounded to the nearest full degree, but because the new poles aren’t on the old equator, so the new equator isn’t equivalent to any of the old meridians.


02-01-2010 19:08:57 UTC

The prime meridian still exists; it just isn’t a line between the North and South Poles anymore.


02-01-2010 19:17:11 UTC

Darknight says it doesn’t and the ruleset declares that he has final judgment in these matters.


02-01-2010 19:35:36 UTC

As a point of order, changes to the Universe are required to be tracked on a Wiki page…


02-01-2010 20:59:27 UTC

They have been, but now I’ve put linked the wiki page in the sidebar.

Darknight: he/him

02-01-2010 22:33:03 UTC

Love how my left field logic befuddled everyone, myself included lol.


02-01-2010 23:38:44 UTC

Okay, I drew a model on an orange a co-worker left at work (Wonder what they’re gonna think about that…), and a four-pole system does work. You put each pair of poles on the other pair’s equator, and draw lines of latitude from them. It actually makes a bit more sense, since a one degree difference is the same distance regardless of proximity to (either of) the equator(s).

Regardless, if we still have a North and South Pole and a Royal Observatory in Greenwich (and there’s no reason we shouldn’t have that one), why don’t we have the line that connects them? And why do all other lines of latitude and longitude still exist if that one doesn’t?


03-01-2010 00:33:34 UTC

Piers Anthony talks about East and West poles in his books, and I never understood what he was talking about.