Friday, August 13, 2021

Proposal: Widgets, take 2

Timed Out. Passes 7-0—Clucky

Adminned at 15 Aug 2021 04:21:16 UTC

Add the following to “Machines”, under the new subheading “Widgets”

Any Worker may Attach a new Widget to one of the Machines they have by paying its Cost and listing it in brackets next to the Machine’s name, i.e. “Clink [Cooling Widget]”. A Machine can only have one Widget Attached to it at any point in time. If a Worker would Attach a Widget to one of the Machines they have that already has a Widget Attached to it, that Worker first removes the already existing Widget from that Machine, then adds the new Widget in the previous Widget’s place.

A Widget has an Effect. A Widget’s Effect is listed underneath a Widget’s cost. Whenever the criteria listed in the Widget’s Effect are met, the Worker that has that Widget can and must execute that Widget’s Effect.

Cooling Widget
Cost: 10 Cogs
Effect: Whenever the Machine this Widget is Attached to is Activated when it is Cold and would be made Hot, it is made Warm instead.

Boxing Widget
Cost: 5 Cogs
Effect: Whenever you would gain a box containing a number as a result of you Activating the Machine this Widget is Attached to, you gain a box of that number plus one instead.

In the rule “Machines”, change the first and second paragraph to read as follows:

Each Worker may have up to six Machines in their Line; this is tracked as an ordered list that defaults to one Clink machine. A Worker may add a new, Cold instance of a Machine to any position in their Line by paying that Machine’s Cost. A Worker may Activate a Cold or Warm Machine they have by paying its costs, setting its heat to Hot, and executing its effects. A Worker may Demolish a Cold Machine they have by removing it from their Line.

A Machine has a Heat status that can be Hot, Warm, or Cold (and is Cold by default); this status is tracked by placing a apostrophe (‘) mark next to the name of each Warm Machine in each Worker’s list of Machines and an asterisk (*) next to the name of each Hot Machine in each Worker’s list of Machines.


Another take on widgets. Same basic mechanics, but with pricier widgets, so hopefully it’s more balanced.



13-08-2021 01:48:47 UTC

There’s a missing comma between “Hot” and “Warm”.

“one (1)” is redundant; “one” should be enough.

There’s one bit of inclarity here – where do the Widgets we’re attaching come from? Presumably, it’s meant to create a new Widget, but the current wording makes it look like we can steal other people’s Widgets by attaching them to our Machines.

The prices seem reasonable now.

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for i like this!!


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