Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sticky Post: Wiki signups

This dynasty will probably be more wiki-heavy than the previous one.  Any players who need wiki accounts should say so here.



11-23-2014 06:33:28 UTC

Wait, should casual (non-admin) players have wiki accounts? If so, I need one.


11-23-2014 11:42:04 UTC

Given that we’re up to date with MediaWiki again, we can think about actually re-enabling public wiki signups. QuestyCaptcha with a suitably opaque set of questions would hopefully keep the Chinese Stone Crusher spammers out - given that BlogNomic is a game, we’d have a little more leeway in requiring players to jump through a hoop or two before getting a wiki account.

(We could even just have a single, secret codeword which we can share temporarily on the blog, and which new players get told when they’re PMed their GNDT password.)


11-23-2014 16:17:34 UTC

We use that sort of CAPTCHA on another wiki. The spammers send someone to check the answer every few months, then there’s a bunch of spam until we change the question. Just having admins share it by PM would avoid that problem.

If wiki accounts from before the server move need recreating, mine is CallForJudgement, and it might come in useful to have it even though I don’t actively play BlogNomic nowadays.


11-23-2014 19:36:23 UTC

Sylphrena, your account information has been PM’d.  Feel free to help with the dynastic history page.


11-23-2014 20:25:24 UTC

I need an account as well.


11-23-2014 20:41:11 UTC

Sprucial, I’ve PM’d your account information too.


11-24-2014 10:30:24 UTC

(I’ve added a CSS style to make Sticky Posts display differently, and to have “Sticky Post:” in the title, after glancing at the blog earlier and assuming the new dynasty hadn’t started yet since an old post was still at the top.)


11-25-2014 13:52:19 UTC

I probably need a Wiki signup.


11-25-2014 15:40:42 UTC

ayesdeeef: account made, password PM’d.