Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Wikiaccountable (protosal since we’re in hiatus)

Append to Wizards

Wizards whose wikiaccount does not have the same username (ignoring capitalization) as their ExpressionEngine username are highly encouraged to have their ExpressionEngine account name on their wikiaccount User page and to have their wikiaccount username in their ExpressionEngine Bio.

I noticed a while back that there was a new username on the wiki that appeared to not be anyone here and apparently it turned out that Seldiora on the wikipage is actually 9spaceking. Hopefully something like this or something more elegantly worded can be used to lower confusion.



08-01-2018 16:16:20 UTC

Note that there’s been an issue with some older players forgetting their original wiki login and having to create a fresh second account (eg. User:Jumble!), so a matching name isn’t always going to be possible. Maybe exclamation marks could become the standard, for those cases.

I’d put this in the “Names” section of the Appendices, rather than suggesting it’s something everyone needs to know about players. I think 9spaceking is the only player in the wiki’s entire history to have signed up under an unrecognisable name.

It might also be worth making it explicit that we assume that wiki accounts are connected to player accounts of the same name (and that it’s against Fair Play to abuse that by, eg, stealing the wiki name of a new, inattentive player and taking fake game actions which only require wiki edits).


08-01-2018 16:48:08 UTC

yeah I guess punctuation or numbers on the end shouldn’t factor too much into matching. I mean I could tell it was Jumble while with Seldiora I had no clue that was 9spaceking until about the middle of this dynasty.
I also presume you’d be able to verify that the EE account and the wiki account send different data (useragent, IP address etc) in the situation where someone steals a new player’s account.


08-01-2018 17:13:12 UTC

Perhaps. I guess we’d sort it out via usual CfJ means if there was confusion over which human took a wiki action (whether it’s a prankster stealing a wiki username, or a player denying they took their only, regretted wiki action, claiming that they never created the account).