Sunday, May 21, 2006

Proposal: Will apathy work in my favor too?

Cannot be enacted without CoV (1-6)
Failed by Hix

Adminned at 22 May 2006 19:56:57 UTC

Add a new rule to the ruleset entitled “Transcription Errors” with the following text:

If any Monk has an Item called “Guide to better Speling”, e may often do one of the following after posting notice to the blog:
1)Add one word to any Rule besides this one
2)Remove one word from any Rule besides this one
3)Replace one word in any Rule besides this one with another word of eir choice.
E may not modify the Glossary or any Laws, and the result of the modification must make sense.  E may not declare Victory for 36 hours after making the change.
The Abbot may undo any changes made because of this rule.

Unless at least three comments containing counted votes also contain the text “Why?”, give Bucky an Item called “Guide to Better Speling”.


Angry Grasshopper:

21-05-2006 01:36:45 UTC

Interesting, but I don’t want to police the ruleset for changes every day, checking versions to see what if anything was changed. If there were a provision in the rule that made these changes… somehow more noticeable I would like this better.


21-05-2006 01:46:35 UTC



21-05-2006 02:17:15 UTC

“after posting notice to the blog”


21-05-2006 15:39:35 UTC



22-05-2006 10:58:37 UTC



Elias IX:

22-05-2006 11:33:22 UTC

against  Meh, one of the most anticlimactic ways to win a dynasty.


22-05-2006 12:35:27 UTC

Of course, it doesn’t matter whether you include “Why?” or not because, by rule 2.21, only RULES can allow changes to the items carried and the comment about giving Bucky the item is outside the proposed rule text.

If this had been in a story post then the changes to items carried would have been okay (e.g. the plague posts) because rule 2.9 permits story posts to change the GNDT.


22-05-2006 17:57:07 UTC

Hmmm…. an interesting interpretation, to be sure.  We typically allow proposals to change the Gamestate in any way, but I think you’re right:  Rule 2.21 (Reagents) takes precedence over LAW 1.5 (Enactment).


22-05-2006 19:45:01 UTC



22-05-2006 20:59:16 UTC

I hate to say this but the number of direct rule/gamestate meddling functions at play in this dynasty are just making it hard to keep up…