Friday, February 09, 2018

Proposal: Fear with Purpose

Timed out / antiquorumed 1 vote to 4. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 12 Feb 2018 08:58:40 UTC

Add the Stance “Paranoid” to the list of stances, as per the following:

Paranoid: If a Resident’s Stance towards all other Residents is “Paranoid”, they require only to carry 4 supplies instead of 5 for the provisions of the “Victory” rule.

Get 1 “extra Money” in exchange for all of your Stances.



02-09-2018 22:32:52 UTC

Wielding is already a way to stop a single item from being stolen (at least by Magnets, which is currently the only way to steal or destroy a thing).


02-09-2018 23:03:28 UTC

Swapped into something else.


02-09-2018 23:24:20 UTC

against Thanks to you and PineTree can now obtain 4 money in total between you two on the current crate by cashing all your stuff, and with this proposal and the trusting one you can spend your alertness to transfer that to one of you two and win. So note to others: if these two proposals pass it’s game over.


02-09-2018 23:25:46 UTC

(sorry, wrong explanation: the proposal I linked helps them spend their alertness to do the transfer, not cash their stuff, but same result)


02-09-2018 23:30:18 UTC

Actually only Pine could win, in that case (would take another crate for enough cractions to make me win).

Or card, if I do the same thing to him because he has enough items to pull it off.


02-09-2018 23:31:11 UTC

... Or Samzeman, if we’re three people and we all cash in on him.


02-09-2018 23:32:55 UTC

(Or pokes even or you for that matter)


02-09-2018 23:44:23 UTC

It doesn’t even matter who you teamed with. I’m just pointing out that these proposals will hand someone from your team an immediate win, in case someone would like to NOT vote for something that guarantees their loss.


02-09-2018 23:48:35 UTC

(and since Pine kindled you a while ago, which was basically the worst thing to do if you two were rivals, it’s safe to assume you’re teamed)


02-09-2018 23:51:09 UTC

(Actually was the opposite: you kindled Pine, but again same difference)


02-10-2018 01:17:40 UTC

against I think that victory is easy enough as it is.


02-10-2018 07:51:22 UTC



02-11-2018 15:18:32 UTC