Thursday, November 06, 2008

Proposal: Withdrawing from fights, version 2

self killed—arth

Adminned at 08 Nov 2008 16:57:31 UTC

In 2.6 replace the sentence

The first two Clansmen to do so are considered to be the Duel’s Combatants.


The first Clansman to do so is considered to be a Prepared Combatant. When the second Clansman does so, both Clansman become the Duel’s Combatants and the first Clansman is no longer considered a Prepared Combatant. The Duel begins at this point. A Prepared Combatant may withdraw his intention to fight by posting a comment containing the words “I withdraw” to the Duel’s blog entry.

In 2.9 replace the text

A Clansmen may not perform a ritual while being a Combatant in a Duel.


A Clansmen may not perform a ritual while being a Duel’s Combatant.

Add the tradition

The Fallen Lesser God Tzasix has proclaimed that no Clansman may withdraw their intention to fight until 72 hours have passed since they first became a Prepared Combatant.

Hopefully this version doesn’t have an critical faults in it.



06-11-2008 23:17:03 UTC

imperial Is “withdraw his intention to fight” and “cease to be a Combatant” the same thing?

SingularByte: he/him

06-11-2008 23:45:06 UTC

Simple answer: Depends whether you mean duel’s combatant or the new “prepared combatant”. He ceases to be a prepared combatant but not a duel’s combatant (because he isn’t one).

Slightly more complicated answer: By withdrawing his intention to fight, he ceases to be a prepared combatant but he can’t cease to be a Duel’s combatant because he wasn’t one in the first place since the duel wouldn’t have started yet. If he became a duel’s combatant, he would stop being a prepared combatant so he wouldn’t be allowed to withdraw.


07-11-2008 00:24:21 UTC

But nowhere does it say that once you withdraw you cease to be a prepared combatant.


07-11-2008 14:57:28 UTC

for COV w/ fix

arthexis: he/him

07-11-2008 15:40:22 UTC



07-11-2008 15:41:26 UTC

against COV

This undoes Bucky’s proposal that just passed.  If you are a prepared combatant, you can still join other duels.

SingularByte: he/him

07-11-2008 16:02:44 UTC

Could someone else create a proposal to fix all the problems, or even a new version of this one?

If there isn’t some way to revoke an intention to fight and nobody joins the duel, it’s possible to be permanently stopped from doing any ritual and it also stops clan members from healing.  This would stop all methods of gaining stats and make it extremely difficult to get honor.

arthexis: he/him

08-11-2008 01:37:23 UTC

I’ll think of an easier way to withdraw from a battle.

SingularByte: he/him

08-11-2008 11:19:26 UTC

against  Self-kill