Saturday, November 25, 2023

Story Post: Wizard Duel 18

Wizard Ring:

1. Bucky
2. Snisbo
3. lendunistus
4. Kevan
5. Zack
6. JonathanDark
7. Vovix
8. Forest

No Gewgaw

Defrock is banned

Spell list is at


Clucky: he/him

27-11-2023 04:26:38 UTC

this duel is now pending

Clucky: he/him

27-11-2023 04:43:54 UTC

Lendun successfully snipes Kevan from casting Unify!

Bucky Disarms Kevan

Snisbo challenges Vovix to a Glam on Robes, but Vovix’s shiny new starry robes defeats her

Kevan is disappointed

zack casts gift on Lendun and Forest using his forked staff

JonathanDark casts Unify. Trendy style is pointy, cloaked, knobbed and flowing, so Lendun gains another star

Vovix challenges Snisbo to a Glam on Robes, winning another battle

Forest upgrades his staff

Bucky gains 3 stars, all from Charm
Snisbo loses 1 star, gaining 3 from charm but losing 4 from glam
Lendun gains a massive 10 stars (3 from charm, 3 from snipe, 3 from gift, and 1 from unify), earning the Superstar achievement
Kevan still gains 4 stars from charm before his spell fizzles
Zack loses 1 star (from casting forked spell)
JonathanDark gains 4 stars (from charm)
Vovix gains 6 stars (3 from charm, 4 from glam, but they cast a belligerent spell) and the Fabulous achievement
Forest loses 1 star (-5 cost from upgrade, 1 from charm, 3 from gift)
Forest loses 1 star