Saturday, March 10, 2018


Add to “Pieces” the below text:

There are also Creatures, who also have a Piece each. They are placed in the same way Pawns are for their Pieces. The Creatures are listed below with their piece number in parentheses, along with an explanation of their behavior to the right of the piece number and hyphen. If no information is given, the Creature does not move or interact with Pawns
Dormouse (P100) -
Mock Turtle (P101) -
Cheshire Cat (P102) -

I messed this up, didn’t I?



03-11-2018 04:07:31 UTC



03-11-2018 06:33:26 UTC

for Although I would’ve thought it more convenient to change the letter to something other than P to keep track of different types, like ‘C’ for Cheshire Cat instead of P102.


03-11-2018 08:35:49 UTC

“I messed this up, didn’t I?”
well it’s not a proposal . . .