Friday, May 04, 2007

Proposal: Workbench Repair

Times out, 1-2—Axeling

Adminned at 06 May 2007 22:53:32 UTC

Amend rules as follows:

Amend Rule 2.3.1 “Parts” and 2.3.2 “Variables” to replace the word “Cells” wherever it appears with the word “Squares”.

Amend the Created Pieces wiki page such that any Variables on that page as of the moment that this Proposal is adminned that do not state whether that Variable may be placed on the Workbench (such Variables being referred to as “Defective Variables”) have text “X” added to the end of that Workbench.

The content of text “X” will be determined as follows:
- If the Creator of a particular Defective Variables posts a reply to this proposal before this proposal is adminned that contains a proposed form of text “X” for that Defective Variable that, if added to the description of that Defective Variable on the Created Pieces page, would cause the Defective Variable to be in conformity with the requirements of the “Locatability and Size” clause of Rule 2.3.2, then that proposed form of text “X” will be the text “X” that is added to the description of that Defective Variable.  Otherwise, text “x” will be “This Variable may not be placed on the Workbench.”



05-04-2007 16:07:33 UTC

???  against


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05-04-2007 17:10:09 UTC

Aleth: the Proposal is intended to fix two glitches with the earlier “Workbench” proposal:

- the Workbench proposal mistakenly used the undefined word “Cells” in a couple of instances that should have been references to “Squares”

- Variables that were posted before Workbench was adminned did not include a statement as to the Variable’s size and workbenchability.  This proposal enables those Variables to be conformed to the rule.


05-04-2007 17:49:55 UTC

what is the if at the end of text?


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