Thursday, January 26, 2006

Worship of false idles

Yarr, me overseas plunder is all dried up, so I be returnin’ here for more booty, etc.

Quorum remains 9.

ps I cannot for the life of me get myself into the GNDT. There’s only so many things I want to prod for fear of breaking everything. Is there a user manual anywhere about?



01-26-2006 11:48:29 UTC

It’s a copy of the GNDT running on, these days, and it doesn’t seem to use the web-based admin script that the old one did.

So I’ve logged in manually and added you, given that I have a login for the server. I’m not really sure who else is supposed to have access - do all admin have it?


01-26-2006 11:51:23 UTC

I can’t find any kind of access point, which seems a bit odd, as adding new players is one of the main functions of an admin. But still. Plunder.


01-26-2006 11:56:33 UTC

Embarrassingly, I also can’t remember my GNDT password. Culd someone email it to me at joranj at gmail dot com? Ta.

Elias IX:

01-26-2006 12:54:22 UTC

FTP access be needed, as well as the password.


01-26-2006 16:50:57 UTC

I use ftp to edit the data file.
I guess the old web interface wasn’t easy to move over. You’ll need to ask 75th Trombone about the details.


01-26-2006 20:17:31 UTC

Alternatively, if you understand it, you can just install it, as you have access to just about everything.


01-26-2006 20:37:13 UTC

Yeah, I have no chance of understanding it, I’m utterly un-techy.


01-27-2006 00:42:21 UTC

that comment was mostly for Kevan :)