Sunday, October 21, 2012

Proposal: Worthy to print

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 22 Oct 2012 06:38:05 UTC

If there exists a rule named “Running a story”:
* replace in that rule every occurrence of the digit “1” with the phrase “that Event’s Location’s, divided by 100”.
* replace in rule “Reputation” the word “integers” with “decimal numbers”, and in that same rule every occurrence of the digit “5” with the digit “4”.

Follows my comment on “Fit to print”. Replaced 5 with 4 because there are 15 locations and the sum of their Importances is 975, and 975 * 5 / 15 is 325, and 3.25 rounded up is 4.
EDIT: added “in that same rule” to avoid random digits being changed by 20% throughout the ruleset.


RaichuKFM: she/her

21-10-2012 22:37:48 UTC

imperial  Not sure if we should go on a decimal system. And shouldn’t it be “Location’s Importance”? It just says “Location’s”.

Josh: Observer he/they

22-10-2012 07:15:49 UTC


Kevan: he/him

22-10-2012 08:25:33 UTC

against Per RaichuKFM, this would temporarily disable scoring until it was fixed.

quirck: he/him

22-10-2012 08:39:49 UTC

against  arrow


22-10-2012 12:39:45 UTC

against uh