Monday, March 12, 2018

Would anyone like to have a live Nomic?

As the title says. The current easter break might be a good time for this… pleas write your availability in UTC… prolly will take about 1 hour? (with skype? or google ahnoguts?) I don’t know



03-12-2018 19:07:57 UTC

I used to play loads of live nomic at Attorney Online:

From my experience there they often take around 2 hours. Time was often eaten up by people thinking about and typing in proposals, so it would help if we brought a couple of them pre-written I think.

Skype: Cuddlebeam
Discord: Cuddlebeam#2257
Google: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

I’m available between ~6:00 and ~23:00 UTC on the weekends (and the same but without ~12:00 UTC to ~20:00 on weekdays).


03-12-2018 20:47:05 UTC

@Cuddlebeam That all makes sense.

Discord: Axemabaro#5254
Google: Please PM

I’m available between 21:00 and 23:00 UTC on Sundays, between ~13:00 Sat and ~3:00 Sun UTC and between ~23:00 UTC and 3:00 UTC on weekends.


03-12-2018 23:32:48 UTC

I don’t know my exact schedule for that week yet.
I’ll use any platform that can run on linux but voice chat might not be an option for me because of my low internet speed. don’t forget that IRC, mumble, teamspeak and various other applications exist.