Thursday, June 14, 2007

Proposal: Write It Off

Timed out and passed, 5-0.  Brendan

Adminned at 18 Jun 2007 07:55:03 UTC

Add the following text to the rule “Production:”

A Corporation may destroy eir own non-Cash Products at any time simply by lowering eir corresponding score in the GNDT.

Create a new rule called “Escrow:”

A Corporation may place Products e owns in Escrow by making a blog post entitled “Escrow: [Name 1] to [Name 2],” where [Name 1] is the posting Corporation and [Name 2] is the name of another Corporation who will be the recipient of said Products if certain conditions come to pass.  These conditions, along with the Products at stake, are specified within the body of the post.  Upon placing Products in Escrow, the Corporation must immediately remove them from eir own row in the GNDT.

No Corporation may place in Escrow more Products than e has, with the exception of Cash.  No Corporation may place more Cash in Escrow than eir Cash total at the time of posting, plus the absolute value of its Credit Limit.

If the conditions come to pass as specified in the post, the recipient gains the Products so placed, and may immediately add them in the GNDT.  Until that point, the original posting Corporation may take back the Products by posting again with the title “Escrow Cancelled: [Name 1] to [Name 2]”, placing a link to the original Escrow post in the body of the post, and restoring eir own Products in the GNDT.

No Escrow condition may be triggered more than once.

For example, Brendan could make a post entitled “Escrow: Brendan to Bucky” with the body “2 Factories, upon the removal of all spivak pronouns from the Ruleset.”  This assumes that Brendan owns at least 2 Factories.  In this case, Brendan would then lose 2 Factories immediately, and Bucky would gain them if and when said pronouns were removed.


Kevan: he/him

14-06-2007 17:36:24 UTC



14-06-2007 19:28:16 UTC


Brendan: he/him

14-06-2007 19:38:14 UTC

This is meant to be basically a free-market system that prevents takebacks, in case that’s not clear.


14-06-2007 20:22:57 UTC



14-06-2007 21:18:26 UTC