Monday, July 06, 2009

Y’ know what, I don’t care anymore

Blognomic for me as turned into making sure Qwaz and Wak don’t win because I’d sooner trust Sarah Palin when with an emperor position than either one of them. They don’t listen to reason, have no respect for tradition and the older players hear, and are basically your standard me-focused brats that inhabit much of the internet and, fortunately up until this point, hadn’t infiltrated blognomic yet.

With a little luck and some help, I might be able to end this dynasty tonight but that isn’t fair to Yuri—he hasn’t done anything wrong and scheming to end his dynasty early isn’t very nice. (Protip: plug the loophole where someone can make a proposal, and then vote :against: :arrow: to get +3 tourism. Repeat three times and you’re more than half way to your tourism limit. Your guys call if you choose to act on it before it gets plugged…). It also just isn’t fun. Maybe if it was later in the dynasty, but this dynasty has barely gotten started and I can’t really enjoy the dynasty if I’m worried about making sure I win as fast as possible to prevent Qwaz from pulling anything off. 

But yeah, as there is nothing in the rules to make them go away (despite having heard from several other players who second my beliefs even though I’m the only one vocal about it) and Blognomic is no longer fun with them here I’m going to idle for a couple of months again. I mean, what is the point of keeping them from destroying Blognomic if doing that is a constant process?  When I come back hopefully they’ll either have grown up and not completely ruined Blognomic in the process, have quietly gone away/finally done something ban worthy, or Blognomic will be in pieces I’ll have found memories of the good times.

Speaking of good times—I like to think back to a Blognomic where themes were a rough guideline of where the dynasty should go but the emperor wasn’t too uptight about what direction it should go. To a Blognomic where everyone got along and there wasn’t any DDA scheming for victory or non-DDA combating the DDA’s scheming with scheming of their own. Thats not to say there wasn’t scheming, but everyone got along and so the scheming happened with different sets of people each time. Maybe I’ve just become old and jaded and stuff was always better in the past—but the fact remains that I used to have fun with Blognomic and don’t anymore and so I don’t see why I should stay around and keep you guys from destroying it.


redtara: they/them

06-07-2009 16:08:36 UTC

I’m sorry if you think I’ve been too uptight about this dynasty, I wasn’t trying to be.

I don’t know, it seems like everything was fine until around the time I joined, but lately there seems to be a lot of bickering and arguing here.

Sorry to see you go, Clucky. I hope you come back before too long.

Also, the Sarah Palin joke made me lol.

Clucky: he/him

06-07-2009 16:15:35 UTC

Its totally not your fault Yuri—and you really haven’t been all that uptight. I mean, you tried to get rid of shine sprites but the attempt failed =P.


06-07-2009 16:29:32 UTC

I wish I’d noticed that loophole earlier, I’d have exploited the hell out of it. Doesn’t seem fair now…


06-07-2009 16:43:52 UTC

You have a poiny about the DDA. We should stop scheming so much. We should only do things like Operation Meerkat - large-scale operations /when the dynasty is about to end anyway/.

Josh: he/they

06-07-2009 16:45:12 UTC

Certainly the DDA business was a large part of why I idled out last time.


06-07-2009 17:17:11 UTC

@Clucky: Since when was against  arrow a quorum of arrows? We have more than two players.

Clucky: he/him

06-07-2009 17:44:56 UTC

@ais: but its quorum of the counted votes, aka a quorum of a set of one, aka one. =)


06-07-2009 18:46:32 UTC

@Clucky: it wasn’t meant to be; the issues the same one you had with flavour text earlier, ‘quorum’ being redefined while I wasn’t paying attention.

Kevan: City he/him

06-07-2009 19:14:06 UTC

Yuri (and other voters?) missing the initial Mario reference seems an unfortunate fork, and a tricky thing to recover from, but this proposal to resolve it should have just been a simple discussion vote to see what theme a majority of players wanted to continue with. It didn’t help to react to it as if the Emperor was trying to force his will on the ruleset, when it obviously needed a quorum of voters to agree.

I’ve been idle, but skimming the front page I’m not sure I see what your problem with Qwazukee/Wakukee is - apart from trying to reinstate metadynasties and disagreeing with you on this would/could thing (which I also disagree with, and it’s definitely worth thrashing this out), I can’t see anything very controversial, I can’t see anything that would “destroy” BlogNomic. Am I missing something?

Do the DDA really scheme for victory? I thought it was just a running joke between Rodlen and whoever the other guy was. Any conspiracy that mentions its own name a lot and has people saying “voting against, for DDA reasons” seems quite charmingly unthreatening. There’s a leaden predictability to Rodlen proposing a rule that lets players create and name objects, but it doesn’t really affect the game.

arthexis: he/him

06-07-2009 19:57:56 UTC

Kevan, I can’t tell you what our problem with Quaz/Wak and their ilk is: we don’t like how they play. I can’t stand them either, I can’t help but see all sort of unthoughtful proposals and votes.

They constantly try to break core rules to scam victories and we always end up having to create rules and fixes just because of them.

Mostly we hate them because their scams revolve simply in rallying in votes from inexperienced players (possibly even multiple accounts) given that the experienced ones will typically not fall for such schemes.

In fact, I’ve continuously voted to ban them every time it has been proposed, and I’ll stand by that decision. Just notice how often you’ve had to appeal for them to keep them from getting the boot… It’s something that has never been seen done so much for any other player!


06-07-2009 19:58:46 UTC

To Kevan: to be perfectly honest, the DDA were working together in the last Dynasty. It was a Dynasty based on Voting people Out, so that seemed to be ok. Mind you, the problems it caused were so great that, like all DDA initiatives, it fell apart before coming to fruition. The likelihood that one of our “plans” ever works is the same as the likelihood of Mrs. Palin taking over the Presidency for the next 4 terms. : p To be perfectly clear, the DDA haven’t even spoken since Darknight asked to everyone to stop being partisan in the last Dynasty (or if they have, I haven’t heard of it).

Clucky has always disliked me (and cannot seem to tell me apart from Wakukee). He hasn’t been nice about it, and I suppose I haven’t been too nice to him. I didn’t come into Blognomic looking to pick a fight (now THAT would be stupid). And I have no intention of breaking the game. If anyone else is upset at me for some reason, tell me about it; I’ll try to fix whatever it is.

Now I’ll go correct the Tourist and Quorum count.


06-07-2009 20:08:10 UTC

I’ll address what arthexis said.

I can’t make you like me. I can guarantee you that I don’t do anything without thinking about it hard first.

I think I’ve done 2 things ever that might be considered a scam: one when I first joined, and the other in the last Dynasty, which wasn’t based on Core Rules and that I thought at the time was unambiguous; it later turned out to be wholly ambiguous.

I haven’t done anything like that.

I know. I don’t understand how I am worthy of a Ban.

Darknight: he/him

06-07-2009 21:50:49 UTC

*simply sighs and facepalms

Josh: he/they

07-07-2009 10:53:18 UTC

Certainly I think that the image of BlogNomic as a shining city on a hill is a bit off. Some of the best and most memorable dynastic finales have been colossal scams based on small cliques (the end of Cayvie 1 springs to mind). If I have any antipathy towards Qwazukee and Wakukee it’s based more on the lack of subtlety than anything else.


07-07-2009 14:07:18 UTC

You know what?

I’m leaving the DDA. It’s only a temporary leave, however - I’ll return once Kevan gets his sixth Dynasty.

P.S. The DDA do indeed scheme to win, but not seriously. Every dynasty, two of us betray the DDA to help someone with their complex scheme (in Dev’s it was me and Qwaz, in ais’s it was me and yuri, etc.)


07-07-2009 14:10:54 UTC

Hold on, allow me to clarify:
I picked a random player who commented on this post. I’ll return when e gets eir next Dynasty. The random player is Kevan.


07-07-2009 15:59:40 UTC

Lol; DC, neither you nor Kevan is an active Tourist right now.