Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Proposal: Yard sale!

Passes 4-0, times out. Enacted by Angry Grasshopper.

Adminned at 02 Jun 2006 09:41:19 UTC

Add the following clauses the to the Rule ‘Reagents’:

No Monk may have more than three Items at any time.

A Monk may give an Item to another Monk, provided that both Monks are at the same Location and both have consented in advance to the transfer of the Item.

Add the following lines to the description of the Cellarer’s Station:

The Cellarer may spend ten Moves to gain any Item from the following list: Books, Keys, Odds and Ends, and Butcher’s Knives. The Cellarer is urged by the Abbot not to injudiciously distribute keys to other Monks, or to wander where e is not permitted.

Add the following lines to the description of the Assistant Librarian’s position:

The Assistant Librarian may spent five Moves and two points of Integrity to gain any Book.

Add a new rule titled ‘Goodwill towards men’:

Any Monk who has more than ten points of Integrity may spend nine points to gain any Book that is not a Manual.

Stuff to play with. If the point values seem off we can tweak them later.



31-05-2006 01:52:30 UTC

I wonder how this will work with Viruses.


31-05-2006 02:22:00 UTC

for Since there is a limit to the number of items, perhaps we should be able to discard certain items.

I assume the Cellarer may gain an item called “Books” but not an actual Book.

Is a “Manual of Botany” a Manual?
If so, is a “Lives of the Noble Romans” a life?

Angry Grasshopper:

31-05-2006 03:02:02 UTC

I think that’s all ambiguous and probably call for a CfJ, or rewording, if anybody reads that clause creatively enough.

As for giving Viruses, between consenting Monks… ugh.

“Here, want my hankerchief?”


31-05-2006 20:09:59 UTC

Sure, why not…


01-06-2006 20:01:15 UTC

How do we get an Actor to consent to transfer?  Ask the Abbot?


01-06-2006 22:13:03 UTC