Friday, January 20, 2006

Proposal: Yarr, the Spanish Main

Vetoed by Elias IX. Failed by Angry Grasshopper.

Adminned at 21 Jan 2006 12:37:48 UTC

add a new rule “Lookout” stating:

Upon entering the Crow’s Nest, a Swashbuckler or the Captain may make one DICE5 check. If the check is a four or a five, e has sighted a spanish treasure galleon and shall increase eir booty by a number of doubloons equal to double eir GPS, and all other swashbucklers (and the Captain, if e is not making the dice check) aboard shall add a number of doubloons equal to eir GPS to eir booty.

If the check is less than four, then e who made the check shall be keelhauled and lhave their GPS reduced by one.

No swashbuckler or captain may enter the Crow’s Nest with a GPS less than one, and no swashbuckler or captain shall enter the Crow’s Nest more often than once per day, blognomic time.


Elias IX:

01-21-2006 00:09:01 UTC

against Sighting a galleon doesn’t immediately cause a gain in riches. It’s only the first step in a ship raid.

Also, with an expected daily increase of 88.4 Booty to the Inquisitor, this could potentially cause inflation.

‘S a mighty good idea with the function of a lookout, but the mechanics are slightly screwy.

The Lone Amigo:

01-21-2006 00:37:53 UTC


Nay, the cap’n be right.


01-21-2006 01:49:22 UTC

against Keelhauling the crew if there aren’t any ships on the horizon? That be harsh.


01-21-2006 10:59:59 UTC

against arrr, tis a good idea, but I agree that it needs thinking over.


01-21-2006 16:43:54 UTC



01-21-2006 18:43:56 UTC

imperial Arr!

Good idea, needs refinement.  Nice first prop, though.

Elias IX:

01-21-2006 19:06:20 UTC


Wanna know why me Roger is so Jolly? *wink wink*

Heh, this is like my first proposal, which got vetoed by the Ego Excalabur.

I’m still wary about using my veto powers.