Sunday, March 06, 2022

Proposal: Yeah, but why are we here?

Passes 6-0 with 2 unresolved DEFs. Enacted by Brendan.

Adminned at 08 Mar 2022 21:04:14 UTC

Enact a rule called Qubits:

All personas and all parallel dynasties have a tracked value called qubits which starts at a value of 0 unless the starting value is stated otherwise by another rule.

As a daily action, you can transfer any positive integer of qubits from yourself to a persona or to a parallel dynasty which is not your Focus, so long as this integer is not greater than the number of qubits you hold.

As a Cresi Action, a Maestro Team Member may increase the paradox of all Maestro Team Members holding qubits by 1.

Enact a subrule of Qubits called Qubit Mining:

When you meet the following conditions, you may perform an atomic action known as Qubit Mining as a daily action:
-Your Focus has an amount of qubits greater than zero
-You are in the Parallel List for your Focus
When you perform Qubit Mining, you do the following:
-Increase your qubits by the number of qubits on your Focus, less one for every Maestro Team Member sharing your Focus. If you would gain less than zero, instead gain zero.
-Increase the qubits of all Maestro Team Members who share a focus with you by 1 qubit.
-Reduce the qubits on the Focus by the total amount of qubits gained by Maestro Team Members as a result of this action’s steps.
-If the Focus has less than zero qubits at this point, all Maestro Team Members who gained qubits as a result of this action gain 1 paradox.
As an example of this, if players A, B and C and D have a Focus of The Example Dynasty which has 2 qubits and player A performs qubit mining, then players B, C and D gain 1 qubit and player A would gain 0 qubits as they cannot gain -1 qubits. The Example Dynasty has -1 qubits total as a result, and players B, C and D all gain 1 paradox.

In the rule Parallel BlogNomic, append the following step to the “Learn of a Parallel Universe” atomic action:

Set the number of qubits of the parallel dynasty being discovered to its Variance.

Set the qubits of all existing parallel dynasties at the time of this proposals Enactment to their current Variance.

Create a rule called Instability:

Before {Date}, Maestro Team Members may not set their Focus to a parallel dynasty which another player has as their Focus. This rule may be deleted by an admin at any time after said date has passed.

When enacting this proposal, replace “{Date}” with the date and time exactly two days after the time of this proposal being enacted.
If any Maestro Team Members have the same Focus as another Maestro Team Member at the time of enactment, then do the following for each such Focus:
Set the Focus of each Maestro Team Members with that Focus to nothing, so long as that Maestro Team Member has held it for less than 48 hours. This Focus removal is not to be performed on the Maestro Team Member with that focus that has continuously held it for the longest time at the time of enactment, counting from when they most recently gained that Focus.

The goal here is to create a currency for some future goal. I’ve specifically chosen not to make mining heavily time limited, as it would more than likely be restricted by other actions anyway such as swapping focus or by other players donating qubits which would likely need arranging in advance anyway. It’s still daily though to prevent spamming.
The final rule is to prevent you from sniping someone’s qubits on their focus by choosing it just before or just after the rule has changed.
Edit: Added a clause to say you must be in the Parallel List for the focus when mining, due to some players being grandfathered into having a focus where they aren’t on the list.


Kevan: City he/him

07-03-2022 10:05:14 UTC


Josh: he/they

07-03-2022 10:19:38 UTC


Brendan: he/him

07-03-2022 18:00:38 UTC

for I’ll probably propose a patch if this passes—in particular, it looks at this stage like the actual Daily Action is defined as “your Focus has an amount of qubits greater than zero and you are in the Parallel List for your Focus” while the possibility to “perform Qubit Mining” can be performed at any time (and should be an atomic action to prevent timing exploits).

Roujo: he/him

07-03-2022 18:27:12 UTC



07-03-2022 18:30:05 UTC

for I like the changes, though the complexity/length of the proposal is high enough I’d maybe vote against under other circumstances.

Lulu: she/her

07-03-2022 23:33:20 UTC



08-03-2022 00:16:55 UTC

for Seconding Brendan’s comment; I think there’s probably also a way to simplify the Qubit Mining action’s phrasing—as is it took me a couple reads to understand.