Friday, July 15, 2011

Yellow Submarine

I’m leaving on holiday for a week.
If when I’ll be back the Ruleset is not too corrupted by Black Grinding Mechanics, I’ll unidle. If it is, good luck everyone, see you the next Dynasty! :)
Please Idle me.



15-07-2011 18:59:58 UTC

Done. And I idle myself for the same reason.

Quorum drops to 8.


16-07-2011 06:36:34 UTC

Wow. If you voted against those Black Grinding Mechanics, you just increased their chances. LOL


16-07-2011 06:38:34 UTC

Hm, what happens to your Gladiators? If I understand this correctly, as idling Gladiators, you do not exist in the Gamestate, or at least not for any rule other than the one covering idling.

Thus, your arena squares become empty? But what if someone steps there and then you unidle?


Kevan: HE/HIM

17-07-2011 09:18:24 UTC

“Unidling Gladiators become Resting.” [...] “Resting Gladiators do not occupy an Arena Square.”