Friday, December 14, 2007

Story Post: Yggdrasil Challenge: Idun has been kidnapped!

Summary: Thjazi has kidnapped Idun.  Loki feels guilty that he has cause this and has asked you to help him bring her back.  You and Loki successfully rescue Idun, but Thjazi spotted you as you were trying to get away and is giving chase.  Loki does not know what to do, so it is up to you to figure out a way out of this mess.

Challenge Rating: 8 (due to the split-second timing and intense pressure)

Reward: You and Loki return safely with Idun and Loki endows gives you 20 Acorns, 5 Experience, and a one-time permanent increase of +1 to all negative numerical statistics.
Penalty: You and Loki are captured and Idun is returned to captivity.  You (not your Valkyrie, just you) are ignored for the purposes of Skirmishes until 7 days pass, or a successful attempt at this challenge is made, whichever comes first.  This effect can be tracked on the Einherjar wiki page for easy referencing.

**EDIT: I changed the penalty before any comments were made.  If this was illegal, please let me know.**



12-14-2007 17:10:21 UTC

Alfred Hitchcock will use his Charisma(+3) to help rescue Idun. As Thjazi is catching up, Alfred halts and does his best to stop Thjazi by telling him how he could have a leading role in a sequel of “The Birds”.


12-14-2007 22:56:58 UTC

against I’m going to clarify “You can no longer participate in any skirmishes…” before I process Chivalrybean’s attempt.  (I’m required to use the against icon; it’s really a good challenge, though)

I’ve already decided how hard a Challenge rating of 8 is going to be, and here’s a hint:  With a stat score of +3, and a story as good as Chivalrybean’s, the DICE10 roll will have to be at least 8.


12-14-2007 23:29:34 UTC

veto Hitchcock succeeds!  In general, challenges won’t necessarily expire as soon as one attempt succeeds.  In this case, though, success means that Idun no longer needs to escape.


12-16-2007 07:14:50 UTC