Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Story Post: You can’t fire me, I quit!

I accuse Citizen Kyre-R-BLN of being a member of the group “The Criminal Underground”.

Keba - I don’t think you’ll have to worry about your Treason points when you’re dead!



03-08-2010 13:12:39 UTC

for The Criminal Underground


03-08-2010 13:36:57 UTC

Kyre-R-BLN is indeed a member of The Criminal Underground.

-5 Treason to Kyre-R-BLN for Great Work.
2 Treason to Kyre-R-BLN for being Rather Treasonous but Contrite.

Kyre-R-BLN is no longer a member of The Criminal Underground.


03-08-2010 14:03:16 UTC

Sorry, there has been some sabotage by commie-mutant-traitors in the assignment of treason points. This is not a legal accusation, and so, no treason points have been assigned.

CPU apologizes for the mistake, and all concerned parties are welcome to this coupon for a FREE Bouncy-Bubble-Beverage, (with 500credit purchase) which comes in four!(4!)(IV!)(10-6!)(2^2!) brand-new flavors: Classic, Ultra-Classic, Classic-One, and Soda-lyke!


03-08-2010 15:24:41 UTC

Please ignore previous directives. This accusation is legal. It has always been legal.

All Bouncy-Bubble-Beverages are to be returned to PLC. If you have already drank your B3, you will be fined for destruction of Computer Property. That is all.