Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Proposal: You gotta walk and talk even if you can’t chalk the balk

Passed at 6-0. Oze

Adminned at 05 Sep 2008 12:08:41 UTC

Create a new rule ‘Agendas’:

There exists a wiki-document called ‘Candidate Agendas’. When a Candidate posts BS, if that statement starts with ‘When I’m elected,’ all the text after it in that comment becomes added to the ‘Candidate Agendas’ document. This text is known as a BS Promise (or just Good Intentions). Good Intentions within the document shall be grouped by the name of the candidate that made them, and numbered starting from 1 for each Candidate. This rule cannot not be repealed during an Ascension Address. The ‘Candidate Agendas’ document may not be modified in any way other than those included by this rule.

When a Candidate achieves victory (after hiatus ends), create a new rule called ‘Dynastic Agenda’ with the text, “This rule and its sub-rules may only be repealed through a successful proposal or Call for Judgment”. Under that rule, for each BS Promise listed for the new President Thog, create a new sub-rule named ‘Item N’ where N is the number of the BS Promise, and that BS Promises’ text becomes the new sub-rules text. Afterwards, if a rule called Agendas exist, repeal it.

If the ‘Candidate Agendas’ wiki-document already exists, blank it.


Darknight: HE/HIM

09-03-2008 06:12:20 UTC

imperial still not sure but not gonna go against it yet


09-03-2008 16:15:49 UTC


Ambi Valent:

09-03-2008 20:06:01 UTC

Sounds good to me. I had a similar idea but could never find the right wording to make it actually work.


09-03-2008 20:47:44 UTC


Though, technically, the rule can, and might, be repealed with the ascension speech, I just hope the winner keeps their promises.

Of course, that’s just like real politics ;).


09-04-2008 04:19:28 UTC

I make a statement that says “When I’m elected, Yoda achieves victory in the current dynasty.”

Then, when the next dynasty comes around, even if I do not win this dynasty, there becomes a rule that says “Yoda achieves victory in the current dynasty.”

And there you have it, the shortest dynasty ever.

Darknight: HE/HIM

09-04-2008 04:21:14 UTC

against COV. good point yoda


09-04-2008 07:44:00 UTC

“listed for the new President Thog”
So no, that wouldn’t work Yoda.

Darknight: HE/HIM

09-04-2008 07:54:35 UTC

for COV. Since the rule really only triggers if a BS statement starts with *when I’m elected* (and not many have yet), its rather easy to get around lol.


09-04-2008 19:28:03 UTC

Sorry, I must have missed that….