Friday, March 20, 2009

Proposal: You killed him with what?

Reached quorum of FOR votes (13-0) - Devenger

Adminned at 22 Mar 2009 03:26:15 UTC

Create a new rule called “Props”:

There exists a wiki document called, “Action Props” which contains a list of props which may be used during a Scene. Each Prop has a name and a Challenge Rating, which is an integer equal to the number of words in the name of the Prop.

As a daily action, a Scripter may add a new Prop with a Challenge Rating of DICE5 to the Action Props list; or instead of this, may increase or decrease the Challenge Rating of an existing Prop by adding or removing one word from its name. If the Challenge Rating of a Prop becomes zero, it is removed from the Action Props list.

Props with a Challenge Rating of 10 or more are called Signature Props.

Create a new sub-rule called “Using Props” under rule “Props”:

A Scripter may use one (and no more than one) Prop in a Scene by including a Prop section on their Scene specifying the name of the used Prop, and including the name of the Prop as part of the Script. A Scripter may not use a Prop that has been used previously on the same Act (scenes that have been cut do not count for this purpose).

If the Action Props wiki document exists, blank it.

Of course, right now it has no benefit, but if you guys like this mechanic, I’ll throw something in (right now I am thinking something like allowing people to propose abilities for signature props or giving some sort of bonus that depends on the CR of the prop). The idea is that the more challenging the prop, the more space it will take from the scene description, thus making it harder to work them in.



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for Brick Fu FTW lol


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arrow ^.^ arrow two thumbs up too


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for Although not everyone has gotten around to requesting a wiki account.


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for If Kevan is confident we can get wiki accounts for everyone, then this could be great fun.


03-20-2009 23:31:27 UTC

We can get them, but not everyone will bother getting one. On the current MediaWiki version (which can’t support a CAPTCHA extension), you have to ask a (wiki) admin to set an account up for you, which some people aren’t going to get around to doing.

I guess the votes will be the judge on this, though.


03-20-2009 23:45:35 UTC

for like the idea! and you never know what people will come up with to make it have some sort of gameplay effect ;p arrow


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for Who are the wiki admins?  I’d like an account.