Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Proposal: Z

Self-killed. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 27 May 2011 00:03:31 UTC

In rule “Farmland”, change the word “leftmost” to “rightmost”.

If proposal “Zombies can attack” passes, the rest of this proposal does nothing. (i.e. anything written after this)

Change rule “The dead” to:

A Zombie is characterized by:

* a Name, that shall be the name of an Idle Player, and shall be different from any other existing Zombie’s Name.
* a Species, that may be any of those listed in the rule “Species”.
* an Attack value, defined by its Species.
* a Health, which begins at the starting value specified by its Species.
* a Location, which must be a Square in a Plot. It shall be written as Abc(C|R), where Abc is the name of the Farmer owning the Plot where the zombie is located, and (C|R) indicates the Square.
* a Cost, which must be a positive amount of Juice.

The Location of each Zombie shall be listed together with its Health and Species in the Garden Patch page, immediately below the Plot where they are located.
A Farmer may Create a Zombie by spending its Species’ Cost in Juice, selecting a legal Name for it and placing it at a Square with shade 0 of their choice on any Plot.
Any Farmer may cause all Zombies to Shamble, but only if no Farmer has done so in the last 12 hours. When a Zombie Shambles, the Behaviour specified by its Species is carried out once. The Farmer who carries out this action may select the order in which Zombies Shamble.
The Powers of a Zombie are special actions that a Shambling Zombie may perform under certain conditions.
No Farmer may Create any Zombies at any time.

In the subrules to rule Species, set the Cost for Wanderer to 3 Juice, for Zoombie to 5 and for Herbivore to 7; change Starting Attack to Attack and Life to Health.

Add this Powers to the first two Species:

Whenever it kills or destroy anything, it moves a square to the left.

If more than half of the EVC’s to this proposal include the word “dig”, repel rule “Floral Defences”.



05-25-2011 12:56:30 UTC

May I be damned. Why didn’t I check?


05-25-2011 12:59:16 UTC

for This one does slightly more.


05-25-2011 12:59:57 UTC

On and…
for dig


05-25-2011 13:00:09 UTC



05-25-2011 13:25:38 UTC

Oh yes, dig.  for


05-25-2011 15:23:59 UTC

for Dig.


05-25-2011 15:35:34 UTC

for dig dig dig


05-25-2011 15:41:46 UTC

for Dig


05-25-2011 18:44:35 UTC


Like the previous proposal, this contradicts itself by saying that zombies cannot EVER be created and also that they can be made by paying the Juice cost.

Also, once every 12 hours is far to quickly. That gives a single zombie the ability to completely wreck someone’s crop before their ability to Harvest comes back.


05-26-2011 03:38:23 UTC



05-26-2011 04:10:52 UTC

Didn’t there used to be a rule in the glossary where the negative always supersedes the positive unless otherwise stated?


05-26-2011 06:04:48 UTC

I think so, but I can’t find it anymore. When did we miss it?


05-26-2011 07:14:55 UTC



05-26-2011 11:17:21 UTC

against Once per 12 hours is way too fast.  Personally, I’d prefer once every 48 hours.


05-26-2011 14:34:15 UTC

against Far too fast.


05-26-2011 14:46:48 UTC

against Things happening more than once a day would be really hard to follow/respond to.


05-26-2011 16:11:20 UTC

against CoV.  I think this would be better to repropose with explicit precedence and a 24 hour shamble.

And keep the dig in case it still passes.


05-26-2011 20:52:20 UTC

against SK
But still dig.