Saturday, August 21, 2021

Zero Days Since An Accident

Apologies all, I’ve just killed Ais’s DoV in the one good faith way that it’s possible to do so: mistakenly enacting it when it could not be enacted (I was an hour and a half early, I thought it was later in the morning than it was).

This triggers the “infraction against any of the prohibitions” gamestate rule (I altered the blog post’s status when it “may never be altered except in accordance with the rules that define that official post”), which means that the DoV “may no longer have any effect on the ruleset or the gamestate”.

I will eventually try to fix that infraction rule some time.


Kevan: City he/him

21-08-2021 08:22:30 UTC

I think this means the original DoV is now Unpopular, but can’t actually be failed until the 12 hours have elapsed.


21-08-2021 08:27:03 UTC

After rereading the relevant rules, I agree; it can’t be failed until it’s open for 12 hours, after which it’s failed but marked as illegal (rather than as failed).


21-08-2021 17:01:48 UTC

Huh, the dynasty started with us realizing admins could enact anything and ended with us realizing admins could veto anything.