Monday, June 11, 2012

Coup d’état

Yarr mateys, the Inquisitor is a mighty ship, and the sea be rife with plunder for the taking. Do we really want to follow a ‘Buddha’ who preaches pacifism and abstinence, of all things? I, your First Mate, call for Mutiny! Take up yer cutlasses, boys, and show this filthy landlubber what being a pirate is all about!



06-11-2012 09:59:04 UTC

for My GPS is 50.


06-11-2012 15:59:08 UTC

So will this fizzle because “No Swashbuckler may Duel another Swashbuckler whose GPS is zero”, or does this end Dynasty 100?


06-11-2012 16:24:53 UTC

Mutinies don’t confer Victory, but it may mean that Purplebeard becomes Time Buddha.


06-12-2012 00:09:44 UTC

against  you aren’t First Mate.

My GPS is 3 (if it matters).


06-12-2012 08:04:25 UTC

Oops, you’re right, of course. I’m not the First Mate. You can’t oppose this, though, since the Mutiny rule doesn’t apply to you.

Kevan: this is definitely open to interpretation, but the way I read it, the ‘no duelling zero-GPS Swashbucklers’-clause denotes when a duel may be initiated, not how it is resolved, which is what is relevant to the Mutiny rule.


06-12-2012 11:14:54 UTC

The Mutiny is successful. Yarr.


06-12-2012 11:22:20 UTC

What does that actually mean, in practical terms? I think you may be Time Buddha now.