Sunday, October 23, 2011

1, 2, 3, 5, Can I Have A Little More

Change, in Rule 3.2,

A proposal, or declaration of victory cannot simultaneously be any other type of official post unless otherwise specified by dynastic rules.


No entry may be more than one of the following official types of post: Proposal, Call for Judgement, and Declaration of Victory.

The idea here is that the solution to a potential controversy is to get rid of the ban on categorizing posts, clearing up bugs and opening up the game. I would argue that our core posts should be in play for hierarchical and webbed categorization. Banning official posts from being in any other official category not only generates bugs, but prohibits all sorts of interesting and good ideas. It is not only impractical, but unwise to universally prevent posts from being in multiple categories. While scams may be possible using certain combinations, dangerous combinations should be banned specifically. Do we really want to prevent all rules which classify official posts?



10-23-2011 14:29:14 UTC

Was supposed to be a proposal. Will officially post in a bit.


10-23-2011 15:14:37 UTC

You should probably include ascension address in that too, even though I can’t think of any obvious way to scam that.