Saturday, July 22, 2006

Call for Judgment: A, Any, and Each

Failed 3-2.—Kevan

Adminned at 23 Jul 2006 22:00:49 UTC

Yesterday Bucky reversed the actions of both Chronos Phanon and I by Broader Bribery! They were reversed because e interprerted “A Traveller may often/occasionally [thing]” as only able to be done by one Traveller in that time period. My interpretation involves the state of being a Traveller. This Call for Judgement, if it passes, implicitly states that A, Any, and Each are to be interperted as one and the same, and to redo the bribes that were undone.



07-22-2006 01:53:12 UTC

against  for
Yes, the bribes should be replaced.

No, Each is not the same as Any or A.

“Bucky may often reduce the Influence of a Traveller by 1”
“Bucky may often reduce the Influence of each Traveller by 1”

“The Arbiter is a Traveller who has an Influence of 50”
“The Arbiter is any Traveller who has an Influence of 50”

See what I mean?

Kevan: HE/HIM

07-22-2006 03:34:25 UTC

Any clarifications need to be added permenantly to the Glossary, really, otherwise we’d just have the same issue come up again in six months by a new or absent-minded player.

But yes, poor wording of it anyway. against


07-22-2006 03:39:06 UTC

Oh, and it’s perfectly legal for you to bribe em again.


07-22-2006 04:47:07 UTC

So I can’t word it… I’ve never done one of these before. Scratch that then. against


07-22-2006 06:11:43 UTC

You’ll have to excuse me for this. Some days I just don’t use my head, and whatever I wish to say gets lost in the muddle between my brain and my fingertips.


07-22-2006 22:24:34 UTC

for just for the sake of redoing the briberys and setting precedente. We aught to update the Glossary, but that may be done by proposal also.


07-23-2006 16:29:01 UTC