Thursday, October 12, 2006

A brutal insult

The Top Banana’s beard I quite dislike.



12-10-2006 15:30:09 UTC

Your proposal made me do it.

The ruleset contains no instances of “hatxxoration”. Replacing instances of “hatxx0rati0n” would have been slightly more fruitful.

Also, consider this a challenge to a beard-dyeing competition, Elias.

Elias IX:

12-10-2006 21:56:00 UTC

What is this??? Your beard is nothing compared to my beard, which even has its own theme song. I bet Elvis, who is definitely alive, would be able to perform my beard’s song so well that your beard would turn colorless!


13-10-2006 02:34:31 UTC

Am I missing something here?  “Proposal: Stealing Ideas” created two instances of “hatxxoration”, both of which should have been replaced by “Proposal: The Umpteenth Mistake That Elias IX Has To Fix In Eir Proposals”.  What seems to be the problem?

Elias IX:

13-10-2006 03:33:02 UTC

Yeah, the one in the ruleset contains zeros, and I missed that. The letter “o” and the numeral “0” look exactly the same in this font.