Thursday, March 02, 2017

A Cure

The third Endgame condition has now triggered, as none of the surviving villagers presently have the Black Death:

If more than one villager are not dead and none of the living villagers have the Black Death, the doctor must announce this game state in a blog post. If all the villagers that are not dead agree to declare the village cured in the comments of that post, the Villager with the highest Micromori value is Remembered. (Any ties for this are broken randomly.)

A town meeting is called.



03-02-2017 12:09:17 UTC

I seem to still be alive, although I feel a bit like Schödinger’s cat.

The town is healed and I am ready to call the game over - it would be more fun to all be alive and in a new place.


03-02-2017 14:26:05 UTC

I can’t wait to know what remedies did what!


03-02-2017 14:38:56 UTC

[Derrick] You and Orkboi both need to explicitly “agree to declare the village cured” before this can happen.


03-02-2017 14:43:07 UTC

ahhh… Yes. The village is cured. The werewolf still needs to be dealt with, but the plague is over.


03-02-2017 14:49:46 UTC

I’m perfectly amicable when not in a fight to the death really.


03-02-2017 15:29:09 UTC

Oddly enough, I feel quite similarly…


03-02-2017 16:37:17 UTC

I agree that the village is cured!

Now maybe the next dynasty can handle this lycanthrope issue…


03-02-2017 16:57:22 UTC

All Villagers who are not dead have now declared the village cured.

The Villager with the highest Micromori value is Viv, who becomes Remembered.


03-02-2017 17:14:23 UTC

Wait on the DoV from Viv…


03-02-2017 17:23:59 UTC

Is there a way for us to look at the notes? which remedies did what are especially interesting…


03-02-2017 17:32:35 UTC

I’ll publish once the DoV has gone through.