Thursday, September 02, 2021

A fully public post with no private information

Okay, I genuinely don’t understand this: is there any way to send a message through the Communication action that does not violate “No Collaboration?” Even the act of selecting some players to address, and not others, seems pretty easy to interpret as a communication that is “about dynastic gameplay.”



02-09-2021 19:53:53 UTC

The Ministry isn’t a Cell


02-09-2021 19:57:07 UTC

(for the purposes of that rule).

The intent seems to launder our comms though him. It… could fall under “creative strats”, though?

Still, if we never choose to punish it, then there really is no problem even if there technically may be (if there is) a breach of Fair Play. At least I dont feel motivated to punish anyone for it.

lemon: she/her

02-09-2021 23:56:14 UTC

yea, we’re fully allowed to talk about the dynasty w/ josh!!

& i don’t think it’s a “creative strategy” if it’s literally written in the rules & expected for everyone to use

(not that it matters, bc like u said cuddlebeam it’s not an automatic violation, just a possible one and we can collectively choose which side of the “may” we land on)

Josh: Observer he/they

03-09-2021 07:12:08 UTC

I think we can and should tinker with the wording a bit to manage the ambiguity but I also think that there’s enough cover that people can raise Communications without feeling too much concern.