Thursday, May 22, 2008

Proposal: A Little more Fleshed out fun!

quorum reached with a vote of 7-0-1.  Darknight

Adminned at 22 May 2008 10:50:10 UTC

If the proposal Ranking fails, this proposal has no effect.

Rename the rule “Ranking” to “Military” and rewrite the text of the rule to read:

Each DDA Members has a Rank, and Organization of Origin (OOO) tracked in the GDNT.  A DDA Member’s Rank may be changed as a daily action to any oner of the ranks listed in the rule “Ranks”.  If at anytime a DDA Member has their Rank removed, that DDA Member’s Rank is set to Private.  A Member’s Organization of Origin (OOO) cannot be changed unless their origin is current “-“ or specified otherwise within the rules. A DDA Member’s Organization of Orgin may only ever be “-“ or an Organization listed in the rule “Organizations”.

Add to the beginning of the rule “Ranks” the text:

Each Rank has a Name (N), a Prerequisite (P), and a Benefit(B).

Rewrite the current ranks to read:

N:Private; P: None; B: None
N:Commander; P: DDA Member must be the DDA Commander; B: The Commander may, as a weekly action, change the Rank of any one DDA Member to any other rank, even if they do not meet the prerequisite for that Rank.
N:Energy ClerK;P: DDA Members must have at least 25 Energy, and no other DDA Member may have the rank of Energy Clerk; B: The Energy Clerk may, as a weekly action, increase the Energy of any other DDA Member by 20.

Created a new sub-rule “Organizations” with the text:

Each Organization has a Name (N) and a Benefit (B)

N: X-Com; B: Members of X-Com gain an additiona 2 Energy when performing a Restock



Darknight: he/him

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22-05-2008 13:15:59 UTC

for “additiona”?

arthexis: he/him

22-05-2008 13:31:31 UTC

1) Do Benefits work?
2) Shouldn’t Ranks and Organizations be wiki pages instead? The formatting looks a little ugly to me.

arthexis: he/him

22-05-2008 13:36:46 UTC

Also OOO is non intuitive, I’d prefer it being called “Origin” or something.


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