Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ascension Address: A Shift In Perception

Arranged in a circle on a pedestal, five crude dolls stare across at each other, their eyes of wood or soapstone unblinking and their shadows changing in the sinking afternoon light. If one were to sink down and sit on the floor next to them, moving closer, looking upwards, one’s view might change. Focus might turn their rough limbs to claws or haunches. Perspective might grant them monstrous size.

Somewhere, atop a cloud-thick and dormant volcano, a group of enormous beings shifts and fidgets on their perches around the caldera. Their impatience would be devastating if it were set loose, turned to fury; below, among the foothills and plains spreading out from the mountain, tiny humans work without end to rebuild wrecked cities from the last time these creatures came to blows.

“Hello! Yes! Thank you all for waiting,” pipes up a speck on the rocky floor. “The Emperor is busy with intergalactic matters on Xenon VI today, but wishes you to know that the consideration for the role of Imperial Heir is still ongoing! Only the strongest and cleverest kaiju, of course, can be selected for this all-important role, and rule the Nine Dimensions when the Emperor has transcended them all.”

“Now,” says the voice, turning sly, “I happen to know that one member of this court has been carrying on an affair with the Swarm-Mind who resides deep in the core of this planet, and that another has discovered the secret of breathing radioactive fire. Both of these truths, of course, would be looked very poorly upon by the Emperor—IF they were to come out. But perhaps the Emperor need not know. Perhaps, while we wait, we should amuse ourselves… with a bit of bidding?”

Change “Shifter” to “Kaiju” and “Forest” to “Attendant” throughout the ruleset. Repeal all Dynastic Rules except the first.



06-10-2015 15:43:33 UTC

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06-10-2015 22:32:38 UTC

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