Monday, October 06, 2014

Proposal: Adminship?

Self killed and failed 2-2. -Bucky

Adminned at 09 Oct 2014 19:48:58 UTC

Make Eritivus an Admin.

Not sure if I can be trusted yet.

If so, I can take on some of the Admin load from Kevan. If this passes, I pledge to check the blog and resolve resolvable proposals at least once every 72 hours for at least two weeks.

If not, maybe we should Adminify someone else?



10-07-2014 23:37:00 UTC



10-08-2014 00:51:03 UTC



10-08-2014 20:58:39 UTC

Nothing personal, but I haven’t seen you around enough to make a definitive vote given your very recent join.
I want to emphasize again, I have no grudge, etc against you.
Incidentally, Kevan idled a while ago, so I don’t know how much of a load you’d be taking off him :P


10-08-2014 22:14:58 UTC

No offense taken.

My reason for proposing this was exactly that Kevan had idled, and that all admin tasks I had seen performed recently were performed by em. It would have been more precise to say “take some of the admin load which Kevan just dropped”.


10-09-2014 15:41:00 UTC

I haven’t really had a chance to review your character and the recent dynastic histories are missing.

So tentative against .

Also, while this is currently passing, I can’t flip the admin switch myself.  So this will clog the queue for a while.


10-09-2014 15:42:54 UTC

against self-kill, then


10-09-2014 19:48:46 UTC

Bucky, only Kevan then? or could Raichu do it?


10-10-2014 02:47:55 UTC

You need a server admin instead of a mere blog admin.  I don’t know who the current server admins are, but Kevin is one of them.