Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Proposal: Ahoy-Hoy

Reached quorum 6 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 07 Sep 2011 06:12:00 UTC

Rename “Sighting Land” to “Sighting” and reword it to:-

Any Sane Survivor may, as a Daily Action, create a post with the title “Land Ahoy!” or “Ship Ahoy!”. This post is known as a Sighting, and should announce that the Survivor in question has sighted something of interest, which they may describe as they wish.

Any comment on that post which begins “Ahoy!” is taken as the commenting Survivor agreeing to take the lifeboat in that direction. (This is known as “Ahoying” the Sighting.) The Survivor who made the post is automatically considered to have Ahoyed it.

After 48 hours, any Survivor may resolve the Sighting as follows:-

  • If a quorum of Sane Survivors have Ahoyed the Sighting of Land, then the lifeboat reaches the safety of the shore. The lifeboat is now Ashore for the remainder of the dynasty.
  • If a quorum of Sane Survivors have Ahoyed the Sighting of a Ship, then the lifeboat encounters a ship. The Survivor resolving the Sighting should roll DICE3, with the following effect:
    1. The Survivors encounter an abandoned passenger ship. Within 24 hours of the Sighting being resolved, each Survivor may select any Item from the Floating Rubbish, and add it to their possessions with no flag other than an Uncertain Flag. (They may make minor changes to the form of the name if they write the original name in the GNDT comment field.)
    2. The Survivors encounter a foreign trawler. Any Survivor who is not carrying an Item gains a Raw Fish Item (an Edible Damp Item worth 2 Portions).
    3. The Survivors are attacked by pirates. The Survivor resolving the Sighting should roll DICE3 for each Item carried by a Survivor - on a 1, that Item is removed from play.
  • If the Sighting has not been Ahoyed by a quorum of Sane Survivors, the Survivor who made the post loses 3 Sanity, and each other Survivor who Ahoyed the Sighting loses 1 Sanity.

Add a subrule to “Sighting”, called “Victorious Return”:-

The lifeboat can be Ashore. Initially, the lifeboat is not Ashore.

If the lifeboat is Ashore, and a single Survivor (the “Spokesperson”) has a higher Sanity than each other Survivor, then the Spokesperson may declare Victory.

A quicker take on Ely’s landfalls - instead of stopping at uninhabited islands and sailing off again, we just briefly encounter some ships. Successfully sighting actual land (and persuading everyone else to help row towards it) becomes the victory condition.



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for I like the tension between losing Sanity and needing Sanity to win.


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Darknight: HE/HIM

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Prince Anduril:

09-07-2011 13:14:22 UTC

There are a number of unresolved issues here:

1. Can you only sight land or ships, and does the title have to reflect the description?

2. Does a “quorum of Sane Survivors” only count the sane survivors, and make a quorum, or count everybody and require that less than half are insane.

Also, isn’t having 1 sanity more than another a bit of a close finish, and make actually reaching an island a near impossibility as Survivors jostle for position?